August 29th, 2010

sunset samurai


Lovely little Saturday. Spent most of the morning frolicking about the apartment, hanging out with Jenny. Buggin' her! Oh & speaking of the apartment, toughlad & skycornerless gave their months notice-- they're moving out. All fine & copacetic. That happened yesterday, so I'm including it in my conversation about the past. That is how the timeline works. Linear time, it is natural to me, I assure you! Your human perceptions of time as motion are the reasonable assumptions I work under. Yes! After we hung around the apartment we went off to La Bagel Delight to pick up sandwiches & then headed to Prospect Park. We laid out on blankets there in the nook we've claimed as our own, eating & reading for a little while, till I started getting antsy. We had been talking about that earlier-- I can only relax at home ("A Man's Home is his Castle!") but Jenny relaxes better elsewhere. This is why I'm terrible at vacation. I gave her advance warning so she could finish her chapter, & then we wandered around the park. Walked through the Ravine, to the Boathouse, around to the Geniuses, then we would a secret path near a hobbit hole that I'd never seen before. New roads to trouble! Came home to nothing much. Continuing to sort of sprawl all over. Eventually Jenny went to go have some action, went to go see Carla. I video chatted with general_jinjur & then went to the gym. I put in a nice clip of work, especially on the free weights. I'm comfortable with the relationship I'm developing with House. I guess that show is always on? It seems to be. It will frequently come to pass that I get on a cardio machine just in time too see the mystery develop, to see House be a dick to everyone. Then I get off, go do more exercises in other parts of the gym, & come back to cardio-- & get back on in time to see him solve the mystery. I'd probably never watch the show outside of the gym, but it isn't offensive, which counts for something. Also, The Fifth Element is on, & that movie is kind of great.