August 11th, 2010


I am Vampir.

(Original Bill/Mime image by Meredith Woerner, Vampire Dawson by The HZA.)

I have been leaving out some actual details about my life. Largely because, well; I hate having social responsibilities, I guess? Like, I don't really want to drag myself out of misanthropy. I'd rather sit on my throne with a heavy brow, all Conan. Still, I do like to keep track of my media ingestion, & I do occasionally see living being. The Living Tribunal, for instance, I see it all the time. Too many faces. As for what my eyeballs have been doing? I finished watching the new TMNT movie, & Jenny sat on the couch with me. I say sat on the couch-- she half watched & half browsed the internet, one of those things. I liked the movie, plus, Mako. The plot was all full of Meso-American pseudo-myth-- I mean pseudo-myth not offensively but rather in a hand-wavey fashion; like if Star Trek has technobabble, there is also mythobabble on its flip-side. Really, the whole "ancient warriors" & "capture the monsters" sounded like somebody's DnD game, or a script that wasn't a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script that ended up getting adapted. Anyhow, the story is sort of a frame to the characters, so who cares. The movie did a good job with Raphael & Leonardo-- it was really their film. I was trying to explain the Turtles in their various incarnations-- comics, cartoons-- to Jenny, & she then was like "Raphael is really angry!" & I thought it was the cutest thing. So yeah, not a wasted hour & a half, but if you don't care about the Turtles, I wouldn't seek it out. If you do like Turtle Power, it is a fun little romp that walks the tightrope between the violent comics & the sanitized cartoons well; it gives you what you're looking for. Oh, & April in a Bruce Lee yellow track suit fighting with a katana, which is a great homage to her yellow jumpsuit & nod to Kill Bill's own cinematic in-jokes.

Then...lets see, lets see...Jenny was watching Mad Men when I came home after my game, which I don't care about, so it was my turn to sit around (playing with minis) while she watched her show. People are complaining that it has "gotten boring." Uh, that show has always been boring. Not to knock it-- I like plenty of boring things-- but true story. Yesterday was the CSA pick-up, which was a rich haul of goodies. Tomatoes, squash, cucumber, turnips, bok choy, romaine, some mystery greens, a ton of onions, a ton of peaches, a ton of plums, Hungarian hot peppers, & I'm sure a load of other things I am forgetting; as usual a mighty pile of treasures. Jenny made some pasta with the peppers & tomatoes & it was hot hot heat. She said it wasn't so bad, but that isn't an acceptable "regular" for me. For a "spicy" dish, I could handle it, but as a baseline? No thanks. After that we finally watched the True Blood episode I'd missed when I feel asleep after David's party. Hooray for good episodes, hooray for gay sex that isn't a big deal. I am reinvigorated in my role as Team Jessica Booster. I called LOST "The Ben Linus Show" & I am close to dubbing True Blood "The Jessica Hamby Show," except, well, the other plot lines are still good. Still, Jessica, & especially Bill & Jessica bonding, were in strong form. Eric is also pretty great, though don't get me wrong-- I'm still Team Bill as far as that goes. I'm also Team Russel-- he cracks me up, he's perfect. He's the perfect mix of intimidating, eccentric, frivolous, unassuming-- there is such a great cocktail of facets. The King of Mississippi is this comfy little guy, except, you know, he's a three thousand year old murder machine who is basically invincible. Though now the show is all about casting people with giant foreheads? The new waitress & Crystal? I'm guessing they are witches-- the meth dealers are being set up as shifters, but I expect that to be a red herring, & they'll be a coven. That is my theory, anyhow. Maybe I'm over thinking it.