June 29th, 2010

m-ouse ears.

Die Hard Pixie.

Smash, crash, calabash. I'm sort of teetering on the brink of being energetic & falling into lethargy; I don't know which way I'll totter, & I've got a few minutes since I cut lunch short to relax for a second. Lunch; Tom & I walked up to Compleat Strategist to spend the gift certificate he gave me; then when I went to pay they were like "we don't take credit for this little," so I walked. It is hot as heck outside though, so I'm feeling a little bit cooked. Cooked! Not helped by last night; there is the threat of brown outs in Brooklyn, so Jenny & I didn't use the air conditioner & when we did put it on to sleep we set it to a high temperature & on "energy saving" mode. Low impact! I didn't do anything else much, though; I got home, read some of my book: Excession & what I remember of David's review stuck with me as true: The "Minds send e-mails" trope is dated as heck. Went to the gym & put in another hour & a half; I did a lot of arm-machines, so when I went to the free weights I was tired. Came home, dug into some spinach & a rosemary & balsamic vinegar chicken breast until Jenny was ready to pay attention to me. She went to bed not feeling so great, but she was fine in the morning. Oh, & you know, listening to the new Jenny & Johnny single & starting up my Secret Arneson Gift Exchange! & getting ready to pick up my CSA stuff. Uh, so this is just a thumb in the pages of my life, my day to day. Nothing to report. You can go about your business, citizen.
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