May 28th, 2010


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BEA! Now over. I don't know how much detail to go into. Thor's day was the day of action! I was there from open till after close. What happened? Oh, I don't know about details. I met up with Jenny & onatopofthings & we walked about a bit. Saw Jocelyn, bumped into wolvus. Split up with Alicia, chatted with Ben et al, & went to have lunch. We stole a table from Bernadette Peters, who I got confused with Madeline Kahn circa Clue. Then up again, see fordmadoxfraud & Pierce & Erik. Lots of working though, lots of standing. My job was basically that people would come into the meeting room, then ask for people I didn't know. I'd then pretend I knew what was going on & try to suss out if they had an appointment, or if that person was free or who that person was. It was alright, once I stopped being flustered that I didn't know who a bunch of publicity people were. I only know them via email! Anyhow, my ankles hurt. & I found out that Erin thought I was gay? Which...her gaydar is terrible. Like, it is the opposite of how gaydar is supposed to work; I'm just a symptom of that. I am...pretty clearly straight? I think! I'd happily be more ambiguous but I don't think it is true. Then Andy & I ran, caught a bus, & whoosh: home. Jenny & I were tired; we went to bed at 9:00! Then it turned out, Jenny was sick. Me, I was just like, tired. Lots of standing up is weirdly exhausting, what do you want from me? Wow; this is a sort of non-update. In recap: yesterday went by kind of in a blur, but it wasn't too bad. I saw most of the people I wanted to see & I didn't have any head-desk moments. Actually, I did have one, where I was mumbling to myself & the president overheard me referring to one of our publishers (the company) as "he" & made fun of me for it. No big deal really, just funny. & now today is the start of Summer Hours!

As for Odin's day, I have no idea what happened. I came home & it was blazing hot. I mean, in the nineties, but on top of there the sky was just oozing humidity. Not a pleasant scenario! I still managed to go to the gym, though. Hooray for me, good job Mordicai. Habit & routine can be positively amazing. Then, who can say what happened? I don't know if there is any television to watch. Isn't television over? One day I know I watched the first couple minutes of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! with Captain Lou Albano & a fragmentary thirty minutes of A Princess of Mars with Traci Lords. Neither was very good. Jenny was probably reading one of the galleys from Book Expo, & I seriously have no idea what I was doing. Gym, shower, then maybe computer? We've been drinking the Anchor Steam Summer Beer, & I know I had one of those. Oh, & we had crummy Italian food from the pizza place. & we put in the air conditioner! That is the important good news. So yes. A very convention heavy week, & next week will be inundated with meetings, but I think it will work out just fine. Nose to the grindstone!