April 18th, 2010


Innovation's "Gene Wolfe's THE SHADOW OF THE TORTURER" #1

Edbury gave me Innovation Comics "Gene Wolfe's THE SHADOW OF THE TORTURER" #1 (adaptation & colour art by Scott Rockwell, illustration by Ted Naifeh, lettering by Vickie Williams) for my birthday, & it was surprisingly un-terrible. It seems to be an adaptation in the vein of "lets throw as much of the narration into the comic as we can in the form of thought-boxes," which is clumsy but at least faithful? The art is very circa 1991, which is not coincidentally when the comic was made. In fact, young Severian is pretty much a dead ringer for Dream of the Endless. There are a few bits I quite liked in fact-- the Matachin Tower (above) looks sort of like a crashed Zentraedi ship, which raises an irrational fondness for me-- plus it reminds me of my new favorite blog, Comic Book Cartography. Besides that, the wedding of bird of paradise colours with solid black for the torturer's garb (below) is fitting, I think-- the parrot-bright yellows add an oddity that reminds you that the Commonwealth is a world different from our own, & the solid black is an uncompromising way of representing fuligin in the graphic medium-- I particularly like the way it devours the illusion of depth. Anyhow, I'm going to go ahead & count this as part of New Year, New Sun; which reminds me, anybody still participating?


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We finished the puzzle that we started yesterday. 246 pieces & a pain in the butt! It was actually kind of exhausting-- between that & walking all over Brooklyn & in general being kind of fussy, I totally blew off the gym. Instead we watched the finale of Human Target, which continues to prove that it knows its roots by casting people like Amy Acker & Lee Majors. I am just waiting for the Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley ) episode with guest star Robert Englund-- or at least, that is what I'd like to see. Anyhow, I was in a bad mood all night, I don't know why-- just tired, maybe? Today is now! We watched Saturday Night Live & Jenny made breakfast; I should really get in gear & finally go to the gym instead of just talking about it. See, I talk about going to the gym so I indebt myself to going, you know how it is. Currently I'm just lazy; Jenny is watching a bunch of BBC shows in the living room & I'm fooling around online. Nothin' doin'!
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