April 11th, 2010

harlequin tin

If we shadows have offended...(26)

Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess by Charles Vess.

Bone went to market
& a man in sunglasses
sold him a story.

wolvus & kromelizard gave me this for my birthday, & I tore through it today. Not a lot to say about it, since it is exactly what it is, you know? A collection of Charles Vess art. You know what you are getting into, with Charles Vess-- Romantic paintings of wispy elves, willow wanded wizards & wandering knights. This doesn't disappoint; & hey, I didn't know that Vess drew Spider-man ever. I think the thing that mostly strikes me is his interest & returning motif of the Green Man; from De Lint's Apple Tree Man to Swamp Thing & back again. Really I can't help but see Swamp Thing as the dominant modern portrayal of the Green Man & it makes me pleased. I like Swamp Thing alot-- Jenny says she wouldn't be with me if I turned into a plant monster, but fordmadoxfraud is right, she just doesn't understand. The foreword to the collection is by Susanna Clarke-- hey, what is she up to? My favorite picture is, I think, "Sovay" from a Dark Horse Presents anthology (#75). Also, the blurbs are nice & succinct-- thanks for pointing out who you hid in the various goblin markets!