February 2nd, 2010


Metal bender.

Yesterday I put my boots on & went to work. There has been #amazonfail in the air! Also, stomach flu, since it seems like everyone besides me also went & got sick this weekend. Besides all that, I came home & Jenny had brought Avatar: the Last Airbender to watch. All of which was her idea; she's got the yearn for it! It was just the first disk, but I enjoyed it. It seems to largely be about surfing on cute animals. The worldbuilding is something I really enjoy-- it is very panethnic, very multicultural in its inspiration. The Water Tribe have a sort of Pacific Island/Inuit mash-up going on, the Air Nomads are sort of Indians/Tibetan, the Fire Nation is Japanese/Chinese, & we haven't seen the Earth Kingdom yet. Of course, realizing this just makes the fact that the live-action version has cast all white people even more offensive-- or wait, no, sorry, they did cast an asian guy as the villain. I also drink two (2) beers. Really exciting, right? There was a dinner of brussels sprouts & cod, & there were leftovers that I should have had for breakfast, but didn't. I should probably snack on something.
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There was supposed to be a picture but Pamela forgot her cable.

Went to lunch with Pamela. A swanky lunch date! Well, I am dressed kind of schluby since I'm swimming in a sea of boxes, but still, a fancy Restaurant Week lunch. We went to Blue Smoke, mostly because I've noticed it before. Really, I don't know! It was my job to pick, so I picked it. We were pretty splitsville about our meals: one half was excellent, one half was mediocre. The shrimp jumbo, meh; the baby cow face-- veal cheek-- was aces. The spare ribs, sub par; the potato crusted cod on spinach & chorizo sauce was outstanding. Dessert, well, both ridiculous sweets were good-- the chocolate silk pie & the sticky toffee pudding. I wish there was ever a not crazy sweet dessert. Talking with Pamela is weird; we're getting to be better & better friends, but we are still pretty mundane. You know? Talking about life, or whatever. Life! I'm barely aware of mine. Anyhow, then it was back to work. I folded stuff! Yeah, no new ground broken, though Matt & Andy & I did have a slacked off confab for a bit there. Oh, & I have another awesome blog post at Kit Marlowe & Co.