January 31st, 2010

black fist

Crazy sexy sax man.

Freyja's day I couldn't do anything besides whimper & pass out. Saturn's day the most I could accomplish was a few blog posts & some movie watching. Today I was a lot better, but I still canceled my game on account of, well, if I had some bad situation go down, I'd rather it was here & not elsewhere. I'd been sleeping on the air mattress (so my fussing & kicking wasn't the worst to Jenny) but tried to sleep in the bed last night: I ended up sleeping on the floor of the living room for a few hours, anyway. Moral of the story being, I'm feeling better now. I've had "hard" food in my diet, even. Well, rather hard food. All in all, what the hell, being sick. It sucks. This morning we watched Saturday Night Live which was...pretty amazing, actually. Sergio is a haunting digital short & Closet Organizer is the best kind of weirdness, & cracked Jenny up. Then we watched the second episode of Caprica...man is that show bad. Like, it might be bad enough to make us keep watching the way you rubberneck at an accident. Every character is a ridiculous caricature for no good reason-- like, okay I "get" the one of the lab assistants is the "bad" one, but seriously? Equating him fixing the robot with a drill to violent torture of women? What. So bad. I mean, it is a really bad show. Anyhow, then I collected the rest of the Star Coins from New Super Mario Brothers from worlds One through Eight with some help from toughlad, & now Jenny is getting dinner with Kira. The internet was out all day, so I'll probably look at the stuff in my reader then go to bed. Mad exciting! Yeah, I get that it isn't really exciting. That was sarcasm.
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