January 28th, 2010

mano negra

To cast a deadly spell!

I cracked myself up with some of the Rabbit Hole entries I wrote yesterday, even though Jenny says mostly that is how I write anyway. I've thrown open Blake's doorways of perception! I can't help it if the world is more magical to me; I'm a nihilist! Anyhow, I haven't been up to much. Got lunch with Pamela & Tom this week, & have been pretty occupied otherwise in the office. Scurry scurry! Otherwise it has been mostly tucking in with the wife at home. Also the gym; I'm trying to get back on the horse after a particularly lazy Winter Holiday. There was a slight exception last night, when I went out to Lot 2 for Kira's birthday. Jenny was still fighting off her cold, but that meant I could get double points! Since it was extra effort on my behalf. Plus, Jenny is better friends with Kira & Nino, & we are better "couple" friends with them, than I am. Partly that is fine-- Jenny can have her own friends-- but also partly I don't want that to be the case. So me going tightens up our connections. Also, they picked me up in an auto-mo-bile! Fancy. The roster was myself, Robert, Judy, Kira, Nino, & then latecomer Jonathan. Lot 2 is a nice little joint; Kira et al are foodies, so they were pretty heavy with the ordering. Of the appetizers I tried, the brussels sprouts & pork jowl was the best, & the pickled chard on the antipasti was the best part of that plate-- oh wait, also the warm olives! Warm, who'd've thunk. The salad Nino got-- not the fennel, the uh...chicory! Was pretty good too. I ordered the burger (as did Kira & Jonathan) & I think that was the right call. The monkfish (what Judy had) was alright, & Nino & Robert's meals looked good, but the burger was right on. Pickled onions on top! Yes. It also came with "potato skins" fried in lardo butter (gym!) but they were really just thick fries. Still a very nice time-- then home, where Jenny was already abed. Oh hey, & I just got a new backpack! & it is SNOWING today.
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In GOOD news, Nicole Fox from ANTM booked Alexander McQueen!

So, I'm kind of a heartless bastard. You know that. I'm not given to romanticizing disaster & aid relief. Sure, good idea, & I support it, but I'm not what you'd call bleeding heart. I am also not, however, dumb enough to pretend that...it is Haiti's fault? Now I'm not talking about crazy old racists like Pat Robertson: I'm talking about ignorant people like Paul Shirley. Paul writes that he can't understand "[h]ow could humans do this to themselves?" by which he means "I am unable to understand the legacy of slavery & colonialism." Lots of stuff about stopping breeding, too: reminds me of Andre Bauer. So. I wrote another letter! I find that angry letter writing comes in jags, & I guess I on one now! I parodied the "open letter" he wrote to Haiti. Letter I sent to him at mysocalledcareer@gmail.com is as follows:

Dear Paul Shirley –

First of all, kudos on developing the the dumbest post on the Haiti disaster. Your commitment to human rights, historical perspective, slavery apologetica & colonial impact should be applauded.

As we prepare to assist you in this difficult time, a polite request: If it’s possible, could you not open your mouth to spout off ill informed & poorly considered opinions? Could you not resort to the creation of flimsy straw man arguments & ignorant statements? & could you maybe travel in time & ask your parents to use a condom this once?


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