January 27th, 2010

zombi wedo

Green Glass Mirror.

The diabolical eucharist is what the Eponym of the Mother Church called it, but we of course shoulder his concerns aside. That the people of Watchtower Cathedra both condemn & laud the vampires makes them all the more attractive, for don't they both praise & abjure our own ethics, saying that without morals they are simply sin, dressed up prettily? The bloodsuckers have a starcrosser port, as is their wont, out just shy of the Storm Wall. So today for Sundark Throne, Glitter Glitter, Kira kira's Coming to Majority ceremony we may head out there. I'm not certain; my wyf has been sick, the Bad Star beating down in her astrological House. Even if she can't attend I'd like to go out myself. Crossing the Storm Wall isn't easy; taking one of the Longhammer's Enjuns all the way out past the Castletowns. Of course I'm here today at Triangle 23, having skeedadled in to work through the Jigsaw Wall along the Gate Epicure. Oddly enough I find it did the same last year at this time. Fun little bit of mummery. Also I coded some inphowerks into the Thinking Machine for Bill Shaxbeard Inc.

Last night I had a dream of omen. There was a child-- the Prodigy, the Adept-- you know the kind. A proper Orphan (like all good Unity boys & girls) who is fated, moted with destiny, to be the wizard of the age. In the dream the boy is the Monkey, the cleverest ape but for Man. He was meant to be raised by the Lion-- who was the Pard of Lalala & the Singh & Aslan of the Shining Horde. The Good King, though in the Dream she is a woman & thus the Good Queen. She perishes in the vision, defending the Monkey, who is swooped away by the Bat. The Bat is the unknowing Shaman, who wears the Mask of Fear & the Belt of Cunning. The Bat takes the Monkey & dressed him in robin red, the brilliant plumage of the Bird. Of course, I as a Union Alpha reject monarchs & predestination, but this was the dream I had.

Who Is the Fairest of Them All? (V)

The Book of the Old Sun by John V. Marsch.

The black sun rises
the eclipse of God's bright eye.
Glad angels. Selah.

The Book of the Old Sun is the answering antiphon to the Book of the New Sun, the Book of the Long Sun & The Book of the Short Sun. In it, the ties between Saint Anne & Saint Croix to Green & Blue are made explicit, & the history of the Dying Sun Earth (that's with a "Ea" & not a "U") is clarified. From the rise of North Korea as a super power & innovator in spaceflight to the terraforming & megascale engineering that takes the Moon to becoming Lune (& a suitable home for the inhumi/Annese) the Book of the Old Sun is a masterpiece of hard SF. The main protagonist is Inire (who will later become Father Inire, the Auturch's vizier) who is a half-abo from Saint Anne. Of course, the notion of whether it is the humans or the natives who survive on Saint Anne must be addressed, with the inhumi finally revealed as being the descendants of the protoculture that grew to prominence on Gondwanaland long before what we consider recorded history began. The rising drama consists of the turmoil & riots that the robotic servitors of the humans of Earth are throwing, culminating in the rebellion that sends the metal men to the stars. Inire's only rival is Pas Typoon, the middling bureaucrat with dreams of empire, who clearly is the the same emperor that launches The Whorl & confronts Severian in later books. All in all, a fitting companion volume.