January 19th, 2010


Wasssss a mannnn!

Alright, I think I was in the middle of chronicling my weekend. The end of weakness! I arise from the ashes like a dark phoenix, blowing up the spaceships of people with crazy haircuts, hanging out on the blue zone of the moon! So lets say, I've complained about being sick enough, already. Gosh awful. I'm much better now, but I still cough if I try to fall asleep face down, still sniffle a bit. Sun's day night, I went over to Amy & Omry's apartment in the Slope. I had tried to coordinate with Kat to go over together, but the phone tag was a colossal failure. Here is the situation: I met Amy at a party of Kat's a while ago, & we rode the train home since we live in the same neighborhood. I think I was super messed up-- like, I wasn't in top form. Still! Amy has been good about inviting me to social things, & I've been meaning to go to one, & not like, blow them off. This party was the one! I seized the brass ring. People I knew were there besides Amy & Kat; Toy, Katie, Matty, Sareen. Also Jordan & Meredith-- did I meet them before ever? Maybe! It seemed like I was supposed to remember. I also met Amy's boyfriend Omry. We drank some wine, ate a lot of casserole, & played a board game-- the game was like Balderdash but about questions. There is a question, everyone answers it, & the guesser tries to assign response with respondee. There were a lot of repeating motifs-- duck penis, autoerotic asphyxiation, your mom, things of that sort. When I left, I was tied for first with Kat, by a wide margin. Go cold reading skills! On the way home I gossiped with Theresa about boys, & then found Jenny, watched some Golden Globes or whatever, & went to bed.

Moon day was canceled in favor of the King's Junior day. I had one goal, one firm silmaril in my iron crown: I would go to the gym. Seriously, if I was sick enough to drink on Sun's day then dammit I'd hit the weights. I did a fairly good workout; lots of cardio, but I stayed pretty long. Ugh, I've been falling off the wagon; laziness is always followed by an illness or an injury, you know? So I've got to shake that malaise off. Jenny & I hung out most of the morning. We watched Aziz Ansari's comedy special Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening which was funny overall but excelled when he was talking about bugging his little cousin on Facebook. We might have watched a few other filler things, nothing of note; we also played a fair amount of Band Hero. Just here & there & everywhere. I got a bunch of star coins in New Super Mario Brothers with toughlad's help. I watched Batman: the Brave & the Bold's JSA episode. Eventually Jenny went out & I knocked around not doing much of anything. Lazybones! Upstairs, the new neighbor has started moving some furniture around-- well, she just moved in. Also, she woke up at 6:00 this morning, so that is good news-- means she probably won't be staying up late making me annoyed.
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