January 8th, 2010


Sat on a tuffet!

I can feel all my yesterdays slipping away, so I better jump on them while there is still time. Work, nothing to report; busy! There was a huge backlog that couldn't be touched before the new year & now that is always looming. Wednesday! Did I do anything during the day? I can't remember if I did. After work though I met up with Jenny, Carla, & Kenneth at my apartment, played some Beatles Rockband & went to Peppino's for dinner, where we got bruschetta, a arugala pizza, a plain pie, & then hurried back to our apartment for TV Night! toughlad & skycornerless were there already since they live in our spare room; then fatbutts showed up, followed before too many games of Rockband by elladorian & fordmadoxfraud. There was a little more gaming but before too long it was time to get the WORK done, & we put in Gilmore Girls. Carla, it should be mentioned, brought wine that was probably crazy awesome. I liked it. & more importantly, the only Gilmore Girls virgin, Lilly, liked it! She was the one pushing for "another episode" each time. Yes Virginia! There is a Lorelai!

Yesterday proper I caught lunch with ankledeepruins & we caught up on my New Year, New Sun project. She's a fair clip through, & is paying special attention to flora this time. I finished Shadow of the Torturer, putting myself in Severian's position regarding his memory, & am now "filling" with Shadows of the New Sun, which is writers on Wolfe, & Wolfe on writing. Giving others a chance to catch up. After work was Adam's going away party. It started at No Idea, where we discovered that they've terminated their Happy Hour! Meaning there is no longer any reason to go there. I was communicating with Jenny, but she'd left her cell phone at home. She was planning on meeting us, & since the wave of dissatisfaction over the over-priced drinks was cresting, I told her to meet us at Scratcher when she got off work. Of course, then the population turned sedentary! I had to leave by myself, with assurances the others would be along soon. I just didn't want Jenny to get there & have no one be there! So away I went. I got there, texted Kat to tell her I was there, then ordered a beer & read. Eventually Kat showed up, & then we gossiped. From there, the two of us were going to order a meat pie to split; right as we were, Jenny came in! She looked super hot. So we ordered two pies & split them. Finally, the stragglers who actually came from No Idea showed up; we hung out for a little bit, then bailed. As we were leaving I told Jenny: "I like Kat." She said: "You've been friends with her for like a year!" But like-- I don't know, don't you know people for a while before you decide if you like them, or just desperately need attention, affection, & distraction? Apparently people use each other differently from the way I use people. Anyhow, then home, some Fatoosh, & a really funny episode of Modern Family, actually.

Then this morning! Jenny wanted to nuzzle me, only nuzzle me.
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