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Where in the World is Carmen Miranda?

(AzMarie in Philip Treacy by Nigel Barker)

Yesterday Terra & I went to Hill Country Main Base. That place is weird. It is all roped off, & then they give you a meal ticket & rodeo guys cut slabs of meat to your request. The sides were the big draw, actually-- I always end up liking "fixin's" the best even when fordmadoxfraud or Robert & Judy & Kira make big holiday meals-- & they came in goofy sizes like "good eat'n" or "a heapen helpin'" or "a whole mess of 'em" or whatever. It was alright, but a little weird, & a little bit too expensive to make it a regular thing. Oh, I should talk about the rest of my week, in brief-- I've been busy & haven't really done much of anything! Sunday I babysat Olivia & went to the gym? Monday...I don't know, what, I came home & watched television? Whatever, just another manic Monday. Tuesday I went to a work function upstate & got drunk with a bunch of coworkers & executives. At dinner I sat next to the guy who thought up the idea of selling science-fiction & fantasy books. We're elevator buddies, but as he was relating anecdotes of, you know, creating a medium for speculative fiction outside of magazines & whatever, I was like "thanks, by the way, for that, you know, my childhood." Funny. I'm pretty okay with where I landed in life, as it turns out. & then that brings us to Wednesday. Television Night! Jenny hurt her back pretty badly, & so she was home already when I got in; I picked up pizza & then David, elladorian & Lilly (with Archie) showed up. So! We watched two episodes of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion, with an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory in-between. AzMarie is basically the clear frontrunner, yeah? We were joking that we thought her "Capricorn" tattoo actually said "Caprica" & that she was a big Battlestar Galactica fan. & how if that was true that Allison Harvard would have to look out because we as a tribe might shift our loyalties from her to AzMarie as all time greatest. Sorry, Bloody Eyeball, but Creepy-chan is the reigning queen in these parts. Anyhow, I hate the not-Taylor-Swift girl, I hate the super racist focus group, I think the last person who wore a Philip Treacy hat as well as AzMarie was Isabella Blow or maybe Carmen Miranda, & I'm sad Amy Pond went home but she really was rubbish. Still, I liked pretending she was Amy Pond a lot, so I'll miss her.
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