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"Anachronistic electricity, keep out signs, aggressive stares..."

You know how, in the Avengers trailer, you can see Thor & Iron Man fighting? & we watch it & understand that the trailer is meant to titillate us with things that seem out of sorts-- "why are the good guys fighting each other?!"-- but we know that really, it is just a twist of writing, just an out of context plot point designed to get us buzzing. "Well who would win in a fight?" Thor, by the way, the answer is Thor. Anyhow, there seems to be a weird piece of Doctor Who fandom that have decided to freak out about The Doctor holding a gun in the season seven trailer. Or series seven, if you prefer that nomenclature. Listen, that is the point of a teaser. Don't freak out. Maybe the Doctor shoots a target, or a The Flesh doppelganger or the gun has been jury-rigged to be a sonic screwdriver or they are in a holodeck & he's breaking the "rules" of the simulation to cause the computer to go haywire, or...well, whatever, the point is, it'll be something or other. Now, I know that people have other problems-- I'm talking about you, JJ-- & that is fine. I agree that Moffat is problematic when it comes to gender, & we can certainly get into that, for instance. & you don't like the flash, the complications, & would rather a more boutique & grimy BBC. Fine! Dandy. I'm just saying, freaking out about the gun, internet? Is sort of missing the whole point. The point being that when you see The Doctor with a gun, you should freak out. Like in the episode with the Weeping Angels...where he used the gun to shoot out a lightbulb. Remember that? When he waved a gun around & everyone was like "what! A gun!" & then he shot out a light? So take a deep breath. It'll be fine.
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