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So, this is spoilertown, if you haven't seen Avatar: the Last Airbender, so I'd knock it off if you haven't. If you have though...well then maybe it is still a spoiler! I don't think it is the bad kind of spoiler, though. I know people who think that, for instance, even watching trailers & teasers counts as a spoiler. No way, promotional stuff counts as Sherlocking, as does a little digging, speculating. Going nuts about crumbs of possible meaning is part of the fun of a fandom. Which leads to this! This chart here. First-- Mako & Bolin, I thought I saw a clip somewhere in which they talked about their parents? One being a firebender & one being an earthbender? You know, mixed cultures from Fire Nation imperialism in the Earth Kingdom? Anyhow, Tenzin having a bunch of kids is reasonable; he & Pema are the Adam & Eve of the new Air "Nomads." If it was me running the show-- or running the next show, since it won't really be an issue for a generation or two, till the next Avatar cycle-- I would make make the Air people something other than Nomads, to distinguish them. Anyhow, Lin Beifong's father is an obvious element of curiosity. I know that the fandom likes to ship Sokka & Toph, but I think Sokka has the most complete romantic arc-- he experiences loss, trouble, reconcilliation, all that-- so I wouldn't like that so much, personally. Though if Lin is his kid, I predict Amon will be his son with Suki. Angst! Amon's identity is tricky; I mean, I sort of assume that the "reveal" will make sense in a larger, multi-series context. I was getting off the wall guessing; is Amon actually Ko the Facestealer? Or Azula's kid? Or...well, I was geting crazy, but when I actually saw the show & realized just how much time had passed, I had to reconsider a lot of them. What I am mostly puzzling over is who Aang & Katara's kids are named after? Kya is named after Katara's dead mother, Bumi is named after Aang's friend, but who is Tenzin named after? I predicted that there would be a female kid named after Monk Gyatso (Gyatsa?) but I guess I was wrong. Oh! Found out. The 14th Dalai Lama was named Tenzin Gyatso. Okay! That totally answers my question. That was eating me up!
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