September 23rd, 2009

rock angst

sigurd's bird wisdom!

Last night I left work a little bit early to go see Scott Westerfield at Jenny's library. He was going to talk about Leviathan & show the trailer for the book. Since I was independently a booster of the book & the trailer, & you know, it was all happening at my wife's library, it seemed best that I go. I even prepared a question in case the "cue & aes" got off to a shaky start, which was handy, since it did. Bang! Fired it off. It was about "ziz," the third beastie in the leviathan/behemoth/ziz triumvirate, which featured heavily in martak's Oisos game, if you recall. Anyhow, the most illuminating bit was when Scott offhandedly mentioned that there would be a fourth, "Spiderwick Field Guide-like" book. Which is my 'hood, boys & girls. I gobble up that apocryphal worldbuilding, you know me. He busted out a few of the long panels of it, cut-aways of the ship, stuff like that-- I'm going to be snatching a copy of that up. Then home with Jenny! Where I became very, very fussy. Anyhow, that was that. Watched a little bit of Mad Men on the couch with Jenny-- sorry, I just don't care about that show. I do care about vampires & werewolves & Frankenstein monsters though. & you know what? I am fine with calling the monster "Frankenstein" & as far as I care his first name is Adam. Canon enough for me! Okay, well. Now I'm on telephone hold & this is getting too stream of consciousness. I'll talk about the human/karnak/alpha/demi/cacogen/goblin axis & the Brood/Lodge/Mandate/Mother Church/Shining Horde/Unity axis.

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