September 16th, 2009


Never trust anybody with religion.

I actually went ahead & put down the book I was reading. For good! This is a skill I've never really had, but am trying to develop. The ability to know that a thing is bad, & then just stop with it. Well, not a thing. I mean books, in particular. Especially in particular I mean books that we publish, since then I won't have to write a "review" (quotes since, more like an off the cuff blurb) of one of our books that tip-toes around saying it sucks, or that just outright says it ain't no good. So yeah; after about two pages I knew this book was rubbish; I was caught on the train with it, though, so I had to read another 25 or whatever, but then when I got to work I discarded! & the book I picked up to fill the hole is good, so I'm pleased about that.

Evenings have been lazy, work days haze-y. Monday I grabbed some lunch grub with Tom, & at home Jenny & I ate chicken chile verde (that wasn't even a little green) while watching the parts of the VMAs that we missed. I like that funny spectacle people are famous pop musicians; like, Lady Gaga & Pink, you are both pretty okay, & have good messages. Good for you! & Beyonce is fine. Whatever! The "Rock" category didn't...didn't have any rock in it? & did Russell Brand just make a joke about raping that girl? Anyhow, that was that; Jenny went to bed & I think I stayed up doing nothing much in particular. Beating Mega Man 2 on Hard again. Yesterday I went to the gym, bumped into Danielle, & then came home to Jenny having made this beet/quinoa concoction; at least I didn't stay up super late for no good reason though. Oh, I did have lunch with Marie though.
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