June 17th, 2009

black fist

Hanging tough!

I've been forever doing nothing so far this week, & I like it. I mean, nada. Sure, I have lunch dates; or sort of anyway. I'm always falling in & out of lunch with Marie or Danielle or Tom or today I hung out with Nick Courage or somebody is always popping up. Then I'm home, for not much more! Jenny has been suffering under the lash of a headache, so I've been unhooked from my evening. Every-other-day gym attendence is still rocking; good. I'm starting to handle that. Otherwise, I've been occupying the holes in my work-day with writing an interlude for my Oubliette game-- they helped create the Aurelia Carta & the first of its amendments, the Aurelia Bulla. Otherwise, my days have become ridiculous Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon-- from everything from "seduction community slang" to...well, I had actual Baader-Meinhof about the actual Baader-Meinhof: one of my co-workers worked on a book about them at OUP before she came here & they just sent her a finished copy. How nuts is that? So yeah, nothing doing. Oh yeah though-- I should review that comic I read. Oh & as soon as the put out rules in the back of a Monster Manual for playing a PC derro, I'm there. & one other thing-- I am officially a fan to the max of HomeStuck, now.
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sunset samurai

It ain't Iaijitsu it is Iaido. (58)

Afro Samurai Volume I by Takashi Okazaki.

Fire it up! Fire it...
Can you dig it?! Can you dig...
Well, something like that.

So apparently Sam Jackson is the voice of the cartoon. & he should be. & I bet I'll like this more after the second volume. I like mix & match settings-- katanas, matchlock guns, cyborg arms, rocketlaunchers, you know, whatever works. Plus, killer guys with teddy bear heads? This volume though-- well, PW actually sums it up pretty neatly as macho posturing. I like the art-- I like the way his 'fro can dissapear into negative space to draw his face & I like black & white & blood as a colour scheme. I like the Number 1 & Number 2 headbands. What I don't like is-- there are two instances with women in the book. One, the girls the bad guy has tied up & abused. Two, the innocent girl that Afro Samurai throws in front of bullets to give him cover. What? No thanks. Boo. What is up with the "bad bad dude" trope? I thought the trope was "good bad dude." You know, he saves the girl, at least? I mean, if you are going to be brutishly ignorant of genderpolitik? That is a pretty major concern.