April 30th, 2009

black fist


Yesterday really began with sneaking out for pho with ranai. We stuffed our faces with noodles & tendons & tripe despite the fact that I was already kind of full. We talked about some stuff-- I think it was successful facetime! Then I went back to slam into work before sneaking out again, this time to go to pravda's library opening. I ran into Jodi on the way ("MORDICAI!") & then we caught fordmadoxfraud, & added him to our party (we needed a cleric!). Then trundled over to the big grand slam opening of Grand Central. There were a few hundred people there, & some middle-grade public officials, & about twenty protesters, picketing. The summary of their argument: "We are mad that you closed that obsolete library! Then the company that was buying it decided they couldn't because of the recession. No community should be deprived of a library! So we'll protest you opening this library." It isn't really the tightest argument? Anyhow, they were apparently going to throw a shoe or something to get arrested, hoping to drum up media interest, but chickened out? Mostly it is just old people with nothing better to be mad about than the library, & no better way to express their opinions other than misguided gestures. I shushed them a lot when they tried to disrupt people's speeches. There was a college kid speaking-- you know the type "oh, the library meant the world to me as a teen, turned my life around, now I want to be a city planner, make straight As" but while he was trying to get through his speech, the protesters heckled him! So that was them blowing their cred right there.

The library is pretty great! The first floor belies the fact that the second floor is pretty expansive-- & Teen Central is really cool. Lots of community space, & instead of computer stations they have laptops you can "check out" for 45 minutes. I am super proud of Jenny-- she's got a pretty awesome kingdom. Her office is all bare white walls-- the pictures we had framed are still there, but we need more. Hopefull ravenface will be able to give us a Jungle Woman of the Jungle poster for us to frame, & Danielle is making a triptych? Neat. & when we get those, we'll get more stuff framed, & hopefully the painting wolvus is making me, too. Speaking of Danielle, she joined up with us too, as did Kira-- Kira was lost & emailing, calling, IMing, texting, but since everyone's phones were off or silent (shh! we are in the library!) we didn't find her till pretty late in. Jodi & I were going to sneak out & grab a drink, but it wasn't happening. Meryl was there too; it was all really fun. Maggie showed up towards the end-- I can't remember if she got a tour or not, there was so much coming & going.

Jenny was finally done! I should mention-- she looked like hell on wheels. Wait, is that a good thing? She looked great, all slate grey & 36,000 kilometers tall in his spike heels. What a dame. The compromise between decompression & celebration: we'd all take the train to Brooklyn & get dinner there. Thus we lost Meryl & Jodi & Danielle. Lucky for us, everyone else lives near as anything to each other-- Gowanus & Park Slope, ya heard? Kira clued us in-- new Eithopian, new Ramen. I'm more excited about the former, but we decided to explore the latter (my sake bar suggestion outvoted!) We all sat in a row at the bar, which was a ripple of wood. Kira, Mordicai, Jenny, Maggie, David. Beer, Sake, Beer, Sake, Sake. Kira & I basically had to go on a date, is what I'm saying-- we split pork buns (which were open face, with orange sauce, & good), a seaweed salad (really a salad with seaweed-- I liked it, Kira thought it was too cold) & dumplings (which were dumplings). Jenny had a garlic ramen which was pretty tasty-- I polished it off for her. David got some killer beef & rice thing, the special, & Mags got the garlic ramen too. I've never had a slow-cooked egg before, but it is pretty neat. Then from there were walked to get our intestinal flora modified with yogurt-with-live-cultures, & shared TMI, but were foiled? Closed, before the stated closing time? Crime!
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