April 8th, 2009


Tootsie Roll Frankenstein.

I'm trying really hard to be zen & not start a stupid flamewar on stupid Facebook. Petty! It is someone else's space, & they invited discussion about feminism, so I shouldn't go bonkers. Still, the party in question didn't even participate in the discussion, just dropped some inflammatory off the cuff responses that illustrate perfectly how the assertion that women deserve equal rights still makes people consider the "feminist" unclean, foolish, & call their sexuality into question. Stay classy! You are a real American hero. Sorry-- chiggers under the skin sort of thing. Someone is wrong on the Internet. Oh, in other news, it occurs to me that much as today's visible socioeconomically disadvantaged subculture (black folks) might glamorize socially transgressive behavior (crime, i.e. thugs & gangstas), the visibly socioeconomically screwed people of yesteryear did the same: Irish bootlegger gangsters, Italian mafioso, heck, pirates even. Funny to think about.

Otherwise, not up to anything much; work continues to be busy, but I continue to rise up with fists. I was taken off the role call of a series of meetings; on one hand, being off the roster emphasizes my small fry nature. On the other, I get to avoid some meetings & get some work done. Plus side, minus side. This morning on the train I read my lines for Cocktails at the Center of the Earth (CatCotE) for the first time; not the first first time, it was my first time reading them on the train, which is part of my memorization process. & then yesterday on the train I saw someone reading the dictionary, page by page! My evenings have been tame: some gym attendance (back on the wagon), some video games, some Angel. Plenty of Jenny, too. We really spend a ridiculous span of time lying across each other cracking up. About any little thing we please. & today Problem Sleuth is truly over. Alas Problem Sleuth.
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