April 1st, 2009

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At home waiting for the refrigerator repair man. He's not "late" per se, since they said nine to ten, but I'm not really happy about it being on the other end of that axis. I called them up & they confirmed that he was on his way; probably meaning he's being shoo'ed over here now. Which means I'm not at work, which is fine since nobody is there, but I contradictorily wish someone was there, so I could have told them I'd be late. I'm a nest of strange impulses. I just ate some nilla wafers, dipping them in peanut butter. I'm a little bit overly stir crazy about this I think. Last night was nothing doing. Jenny & I watched the first episode of Kings, which is alright. I found out that I remember the myth of David & Saul better than I thought, & the preacher-- Samuel-- is more of a wizard than an evangelist, which is proper. Uph, BUZZ! Mister Fixit is here!
m-ouse ears.

Spooky-chan swordslingers. (32,33)

Hayate X Blade Volumes II & III by Shizuru Hayashiya. (Volume III not pictured)

My Kendo technique
Is unstoppable! Hi-ya!
Lets share a sauna?

I had enjoyed the first volume of this series, for being full on manga insanity, unapologetically. School for young teenage girls where they have dangerous swordfights? Major drama deflated by spastic humor? Check! My one complaint for a moment was that I was starting to lose track of which girl was which-- there were a string of tall girls with long dark hair-- but Hayashiya-san must have seen that coming, because she gave the girls hair cuts & in the bargain made fun of one of the characters for only being able to remember people with over the top physical quirks. There was some advancement of minor characters, but not much over-all plot drive, which is fine with me. I picked these up for some light reading (the other book I'm reading is kind of grueling) & was not disappointed. These are fun. Weird though-- weird. I should mention that it drops the term "DV" as slang for domestic violence? & that there is a lot of lesbian undertones (& practically overtones!), undermined by "ew" & punching. There is a lot of punching used as humor. The whole thing is so weird? I end up reading it as symptomatic.