January 4th, 2009


This neighborhood has gone to...unfriendly!

Spider-Man 3 by Activision.

Okay, Webhead! So, most of this game is actually comprised of web-swinging around Manhattan. First off-- this is weird to me for a couple of reasons-- those reasons being my life & Spider-Man's life are kind of the same? Like, I have to get him to work! So I swing him to the Flatiron building. I have to go visit my girlfriend! So I swing him to Chinatown. I gotta get to Roosevelt Island, or whatever. Basically the Wallcrawler's stomping grounds are my own. & have you ever seen me & Spider-Man in the room together? I'm just saying...

So the voice actors are all the people from the film. The narrator is Bruce Campbell. Can't go wrong there. There is...a lot of quipping. An annoying amount of quipping. From the villains, the gangbangers, Spidey, Jonah, everyone, all the time. Which is fine, but there should have been a larger corpus of sayings, is all. The controls are pretty nice, though some of them are stupidly intricate & impossible. By which I mean-- webslinging is pretty intuitive, the fighting controls come naturally, all that-- but if you want to "earn adrenaline by parachuting!" or whatever, even though it is just Z-Z-Z, it is tricky. Or some of the advanced fighting moves are all like-- what, why, Attach a Web then Pull the Numchuck up? I can just attach a web & punch him. Easier. There is a leveling up mechanism, where you can buy the weirder moves-- I concentrated on harder punches, more health, higher jumps, instead. Oh, & you can put on the black suit-- which makes you stronger, but you have to fight it to get it off.

The camera angles are totally fine, & though the control for the camera (press C & then rotate the Numchuck) isn't really effective, the camera tracking is good enough that you never really have to. The "hot spots" are pretty wide-- so if I need to get into that flashing circle, it isn't a pain in my neck-- I don't have to be lined up perfect or whatever. The boss fights? Are all actually different & all interactive with the environment-- pull down the boarded up windows to hit Morbius the Living Vampire with sunlight, or web up those leaking gas mains or swing a bomb into Sandman or play one of those "swing the Wii Remote up-- oh, video clip!-- now swing the Numchuck to the side-- video clip!-- now press A--" sequences or whatver. Oh, yeah, Morbius, I said it-- also the Lizard &...Shriek? Okay? Anyhow yeah-- a fun little game, & probably worth replay-- besides the plot there are gangs to fight, cops to help. While you swing around you'll hear about crime waves & kidnappings or whatever, plenty of stuff to do on the side.