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Republic City.

So, I guess Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko are...the greatest storytellers of our generation? Jenny & I just watched the first two episodes & it was...kind of amazing. No, scratch that, it was totally wonderful, it was basically perfect. I don't even know how to explain; when I say "the greatest storytellers of our generation," I'm only exaggerating a little bit? Avatar: the Last Airbender was already in my Top Five Television Shows, but The Legend of Korra is...I dont know how to explain it, it is just pushing the whole thing into new territory. I'm utterly astonished at the range of joy that show was able to wring out of me. & how skillfully it is made! I actually paused it to talk about mixed martial arts, the Gracies & Brazillion Jiu-Jitsu with Jenny. I mean, this is a show about how the supernatural Panchen Lama became a professional sport player. Only, you know, with buckets of pathos & plausible characterization thrown in. Oh, & you know, epic worldbuilding; the "technology" level of the setting has been turned up since the last series in a really thoughtful way. It is like turn of the century Hong Kong out there! I mean the last turn of the century-- as an aside, it is weird to have to clarify that, huh? Anyhow, the metalbending special police, the antibending revolutionaries, the nascent airbenders, the mixedbending brothers-- the paranormal elements of the setting are really well extrapolated, which you'd expect. Part of the pleasure of the first series was that you as a viewer were like "what about waterbenders using moisture in the air? Or the water in your body?" & then the show was like "yeah, we have that covered, just trust us." You can just trust them! There haven't been any of the supernatural elements yet, which is good; I'm willing to wait a bit before I see the ghost of Avatar Aang or wonder about the dragonturtles or what have you. The history-- the connection to the previous series, the previous Avatar cycle-- is sparse, relying on the text as it is, with layers waiting the less casual viewer's exegesis. The relationship between Master Katara & Master Tenzin is clearly mother & son, but the emotional make-up of the grandkids, the lingering melancholy whenever Katara looks at Korra, that is all there but doesn't demand that you have all the background to grok it...just provides opportunities for those who have seen The Last Airbender to engage with it on multiple levels. The show stands alone but rewards those who've seen the previous episodes. So, I don't know, I know I'm just babbling! I'm excited! One of the greatest television shows of all time is starting! For real, no joke! I'm about to froth & the mouth & pass out. The title of the second episode was even a Firefly reference! Seriously, there is no better time to watch Avatar: the Last Airbender-- it is all on Netflix Instant-- & to start The Legend of Korra at the same time. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
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