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Wig in a Box. (37)

The Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby.

Lead the Sacred King
into the grove. Cut his throat!
We god-haunted Spree.

Hey! I like reading books & then writing about them in a sort of scattered, musing way. & hey, I like Nick Hornby! It turns out, those two things are actually all I have in common with Nick Hornby (besides the oodles of privilege that come along with being white English speaking males in the middle class). That didn't hamper my enjoyment of this book; I mean, part of the whole point of Nick Hornby is who cares if you like soccer or crappy bands from the Eighties, he can make writing about them fun. So he does, & I came along with him. I didn't have a lot to say-- he likes mostly the sorts of books you are supposed to like, classics & whatnot, & a lot of books that go on to be made into critically acclaimed movies later on. He's not the worst about it, though; he likes reading Dickens & whatever, so go ahead. So does good old ravenface, & I like wizards & spaceships & there we are. We got close to each other when he read those 33 1/3 about the Smiths & somebody else; I read the one John Darnielle wrote about Black Sabbath. We eventually did have some overlap in Y: The Last Man, but that was it, though he did speak glowingly about Red Dragon when he read Mystic River. Hornby's not a snob-- he paraphrases a bit from Tom Shone 's Blockbuster where he says "you can get finger-steepling & sharks in the same book," referring to the character studies in Jaws...& of course, you know, Jaws. I feel like where I most stridently disagreed with him (besides him liking Lethem's Fortress of Solitude, blech) was at his wonder at why people want to make Dickens into televised series all the time. It is right there, man: series! They are serial; adapting them serially is a natural leap of logic. & as for there not being anyone who could play Uriah Heep & Quilp? Maybe it is just because I watched Community last night, but Danny Pudi & Donald Glover would be perfect for those roles.
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