December 26th, 2008


X in Gowanus.

A holiday with the usual suspects-- the first in fordmadoxfraud & Maggie's new apartment in Gowanus, which means that lovely & I can just pop over there. So we loaded our loot up into the laundry cart & off we went. kromelizard & wolvus were three hours late (or well, Peter at least-- Alicia was only one hour late) so we had a chance to watch some Rankin & Bass films (not the Frank Baum one, though, which I find mystifying) & then White Christmas. For those of you who have never seen White Christmas let me sum it up. Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye start off in the post-apocalyptic future, after the Fourth Reich has risen. Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye since a song to lull everyone into death gently-- the movie starts with the mass euthanization of the remaining humans on Earth. After that, they go to Heaven-- the Fourth Reich might have destroyed the souls of all the non-Aryans, because they even have an all-white minstrel show. It is pretty weird. Anyhow, they leave Heaven to go to the Inn Between The Worlds. The go there on a train & find the leader of the War, their general, a Fallen Angel. The angel wants to go back to Heaven (we always do) but he isn't allowed, so Bing & Danny bring Heaven to him. Along the way they fall in love with a couple of Genies. So it was a pretty okay movie.

For dinner, David made rabbit (named Beautiful), & duck, & veal heart. It was my first time eating heart; I think I am now immune to a cow's breath weapon. There was a ridiculous amount of other food as well: mashed potatoes & whipped sweets, brussels sprouts & asparagus & corn, all kinds of appetizers, from cheese & crackers to pate to endive with stuff on it, soup that no one ate (to David's chagrin) & so on & so forth. There were oceans of champagne & wine, & Jenny had made her eggnog which Maggie realized she liked. Peter & Alicia brought coquito rum, which both Maggie & I thought was "cookie dough rum" even after we had been told better. The evening was rounded out drinking absinthe (with water & sugar, though not cubes) & watching the new DC comics cartoon The Brave & the Bold which is, uh, kind of awesome. More pictures at my photostream.
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X loot.

Jenny got me the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel DVDs. onatopofthings got me Superman I-IV & the Donner cut of Superman II. I watched a bunch of the Donner cut last night-- the Honeymoon scene where Clark reveals he's Superman is replaced with Lois shooting him with a gun!?

Jenny's parents got us the t-shirt with the battery on it. She got one as well, & the batteries "fill up" the closer we get, & go down if we go far apart. It is a hug meter. Maggie got me the Mothman shirt, which made jenny groan, since apparently I talk about the Mothman too much.

martak recommended Imagica to me & I mentioned wanting it to Peter, who then gave me his copy. Hooray! David got me The Anubis Murders. I think David got me X-O Manowar but it was kind of an intense orgy of gift giving. Edit: I'm told that actually Peter got X-O for me. I don't know anything about it. & then David also got me Miracleman!? I am pretty excited about that.

Peter & Alicia got me these little tschokes. The Golden Hood is a potent totem-- I know just where it goes in Oubliette. You are welcome. The face is one of "The Magnetic Fiends." The little hammer is useful for breaking televisions & also for checking reflexes. The slippers & socks might be too small; well, the slippers are for sure. I am eating the ramen in a minute-- it is cooling down now. Also, laundry robber sack!

I need a lot of notebooks-- this is a science-fact. Jenny got me the black one & Alicia got me the spiderweb one. My Oubliette notes look like Raistlin's spellbooks. Well, duh.

Alicia got me a scarf made of the Shroud of Turin for the very first AK-47 ever made.

Peter got me an attachment for the Wii remote that turns it into a lightsaber. Sweet.

Jenny made me these Temari balls. I think I'll take the little one to work to put on my desk.
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