December 13th, 2008

big face

i have been & always shall be your friend.

last night was the, or at least a work party, & i convinced jenny to come up & be part of it. work parties translate into being drunk in the middle of the day, basically. first positions was the group straddling the hallway; mostly people in sales i hang out with, but peppered with others. second positions was back in the "point," at the office of j. jonah jameson, jr. the very office. where i talked gossip with someone whose name i immediately forgot (drat!) & then talked nemesis with someone who sends me faceless emails, otherwise. she was pleasant. third positions was filing out of the building & whisking away to another location with work friends. with my main work hombres. then over to pick up the most expensive beer in the world, & to a village apartment. for mario kart & shouting & heading home & it is almost nine o' clock? so we are pretty much wasted when we get home & glut on pizza (so much pizza today-- pizza with simon too) & aaron calls & wants us to come out but no way! we want to lie around & get rug burns, leave us alone. today i'd like to get my act together & hit the gym-- it seems pretty likely that i will. maybe i'll have aaron come for good measure, just like olden times. then tracey's scavenger hunt at the metropolitan museum of art, then danielle's party. this is just a collision weekend, man.
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The Goddess Barbie.

There Are Doors by Gene Wolfe.

This is a book about Barbie. Don't be tricked by anything else, not the deteriorating sanity of the narrator, or the stepping between dimensions. It isn't about the Barbie doll; or not entirely anyway. It is about Barbie as the Goddess, Barbie who is Skipper & Midge & a movie star, & the receptionist at the mental hospital, & lives in the Overwo(rld)od. & the protagonist is a man in love with her, Billy Green-- he loves the Goddess so he chases her across worlds, lost & confused. Or he is a very sick man who is dangerously obsessed with a receptionist & thinks the doll in his pocket talks to him. Or both at the same time. If only Billy North, one of Nixon's loyal men, who is out to overthrow the black widow matriarchy of the Other Place, doesn't interfere with the narrator, maybe he'll get to the bottom of things! The Other Place ("There") is sort of a mash-up of earlier times; maybe even the same place that An Evil Guest is set. The cover is done by the same guy who did the gorgeous covers to The Book of the Long Sun duet, & it serves it very well.
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The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling.

I like in-universe fiction, from DiTerlizzi's Spiderwick esoterica to the old World of Darkness's Book of Nod. In fact-- I'm not sure I own any of the other Harry Potters, though I liked them & read them. Maybe I do, but I didn't doubt it would pick this up. Maybe it is nice to see J.K. cut loose & do a little plain worldbuilding unfettered by narrative. Of the storis, I think "The Warlock's Hairy Heart" is by far the best, which certainly speaks volumes about me, I'm sure. Rowling gets what makes a faerytale a fairytale-- these have the correct qualities & morals, albeit with a very modern voice (new translation by Hermione Granger-- a nice touch).
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