December 9th, 2008


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tonight brooklyn smells like gin. by what mechanism, i couldn't tell you; the fermentation of ginkgo berries in the unseasonable weather, frozen then thawed like eiswein. makes me want to ride the express train, squint at the shapes of the lights as it cuts across the bridge. pretend it is the thing that it is the reflection of. talking earlier about the reality of the Aspirant in the ★stral, or the Underworld. when the mood is on me! most of today was meetings. then to the gym, & now to beer! the wife was out late last night, out again tonight but due home soom. the husband doesn't care! he's the destroyer. he only cares when she turns on the light in the bedroom when she comes home. i yawned all through the last meeting!
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    crown me king- i was a serial killer in my formative years