December 5th, 2008

goblin king

& here we go.

so television last night was choice. prime. when i say prime, i should explain. i was at the gym, hopped on a cardio machine to do some warm up, & found out transformers was on. years of advertising have programmed me to care about the transformers, so i stayed on that elliptical machine for an hour & a quarter. hell yeah you'll cut the rollerblader's head off, optimus prime. quick question, mister prime: who is freedom the right for? follow up question-- will both stand, will both fall? please explain! then at home i was just a chuckle machine for 30 rock like you wouldn't believe. first off-- you know how tina fey was all coy about her scar? which meant that the real story would have to be a let-down. except it isn't, because it turns out that when she was five years old, the joker tried to jokerize her. he just cut her an extra wide smile, the freaking joker did. & then they were all putting a unique twist on the reunion trope & man, gold. then i ended up going to bed in protest of x-mas music. oh, & i ate like the dickens. leftover burritos & crackers oh my!
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