November 22nd, 2008


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so far a laidback saturday. i beat "knights of cydonia" by muse on guitar hero at medium difficulty, which i'm unreasonably proud of. washed some dishes. the plan is to go to the gym. i've flaked on it all week. i don't know what has gotten into me, or out of me. adjustments, i think. just internal liquids sloshing around, adjusting. cycles. that kind of rot. i'm sick & tired of it though, & tonight i have to do laundry? that is no kind of fair cop! last night was much nicer. hung out with jenny for a bit & then we went over to kira & nino's apartment. they were throwing a party for two of their friends from the city of brotherly love. kira kept making pizzas; potatoes on top of one, carrots & radicchio on another, arugula & fresh mozzarella on another. & they kept coming. she use eight things of pizza dough; i'm not exaggerating when i say they kept coming. there was a mulled wine spritzer we tried out as a test run for swinger's thanksgiving-- mulled wine & champagne. it was delightful. swinger's thanksgiving-- that is what a co-worker jokingly called it when i failed to explain our relationship to kira & nino correctly. the party was filled with people we didn't know, & we left early; not in a huff, but because jenny has to work today.
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