November 18th, 2008


I am so sad & lonely...

Last night was quite pleasant actually! Let me start with the hum-drum. Which is the exciting news, the old day-in, day-out: work is getting to be self-perpetuating for me. I’m now able to make work for myself, so I am busy all the time. So after my busy day at work, I zipped on down to Chinatown to pick up my blushing bride. I helped her put the chairs up at the library & then we walked uptown. We had some salads for dinner, & our timing eating was so impeccable that she gasped like an elf, discovered by a cobbler! Oh my! Which was pretty delightful. We were due at The Trivariety show—Simon & Meg’s brainchild. Brian & his wife were there, as were some of the other folks from Witch Prison!-- Lauren & Bijoux. The teams were split! We were “Da Feeders,” after I wanted to be called the “Defeaters.” So it goes! Life is full of compromises, but I won’t compromise with life! No sir. The Da Feeders were myself, Jenny, Brian, Lois, & Mike. Mike turned out to be an industry bigwig; how is that for networking? Also, we turned out to be pretty good at trivia—we won, in fact, after a Sudden Death showdown with “High Altitude Gas,” Debbie’s team. A few drinks were had, & oh did I forget to mention that the musical guest was Soce the Elemental Wizard? My favorite rapper of all. & lets not forget the wads-of-paper fight that I had with Lauren's team "Girls Gone Oscar Wilde!" I bopped one girl right on the head. Then home & hugs & kisses. That was a nice evening, I think I’ll do it again sometime. & for lunch today I met up with Katja. Lunch dates!
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Legba Legworker.

Britten & Brülightly by Hannah Berry.

I started reading this in a glow of last night’s drinking, & finished the last few pages on the train this morning. My first impression was a complaint—really? Cursive script? Now, I understand the urge for weird fonts & lettering, I really do, but you can’t give in. I mean—you can, but you have to make it readable. If you are doing a visual thing—mixing pictures with words—making the words a pain in the butt isn’t the way to go. & I don’t think it was a statement really; it wasn’t an attempt to make the reading hard. Like—if you want to make the hard-to-listen-to guy talk in cursive, at least it serves a point. The next impression I had was—his partner is a tea bag? What? No problem, just funny. A few times I lost the thread of who was talking…until I realized the bubble was pointing to the pocket he put the tea bag in, not behind him. There are a lot of “graphic tricks” in here—an empty space in a panel in the shape of the main character, or a “double exposure” panel showing him getting his hat & leaving, or a cat breaking through the white space. Some of them—the double exposure one, for instance—work. The others work as well, but come across a little bit “I read Scott McCloud”-y, a little bit debut flavored. Oh, speaking of the art, I should mention—it is great. & the use of “camera angles” is particularly nice, as well. The plot is Chandler-esque; it isn’t as much about the mystery as it is the inside of Britten. The two most charming moments are when he wakes up with ¿question marks? bracketing his speech—he’s Ecuadorian, which leads to the second most adorable spot of business, which is everyone mistaking him for being French. Aw!
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