November 3rd, 2008

mano negra

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this is weird, having a new morning routine. sometimes i screw it up, like just now. see, i woke up about oh, an hour earlier than i needed to. partly this was to shave-- bah! shaving. it must be done; not all that often, though. working for noted vampire slayer holtz has not doomed me entirely; the office is pretty casual, which is, if anything, occasionally worrisome while largely a relief. the worry is only a brief "is this acceptable work casual?" & then i compare it in my head to what other people have worn. i'm pretty sure i could skate on jeans & a t-shirt, actually, come to think of it. anyhow, i'm just killing time now. jenny is still asleep; i wake up before her one hundred percent (100%) of the time now. i'm dressed, lunch is packed, fresh faced, you name it. last night we ended up eating, drinking wine, & watching more veronica mars. the problem with watching dvds is that we have to huddle around the computer, since my dvd player died. there are plans for getting one from pamela, or buying a cord to plug the computer into the television, but so far no dice. actually, speaking of dvds, i meant to lend the mothman prophecies to my boss. let me go grab that.

there, grabbed. ramble, rambling. i'm going to turn in some more insurance paperwork. it turns out that i'm going to accept my medical & dental coverage, since they don't have an annual fee or something? that way, being double covered, i can have the best of both worlds. oh, i should mention that happening, going through my paperwork. if you put your ducks in a row, the dog from duck hunt can't laugh at you. i was also going to go see let the right one in but frankly, flaked. which brings us to today. i've got a nameplate. what i really need is a name badge though. i need my magnetic chip or whatever it is that i need. my thing. okay, i'm just falling apart here. pack it in, soldier!
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