November 1st, 2008


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first week went well. i've gotten to be useful in some respects; i can do some tasks that need doing. i've carved a nice, noticable hunk out of the backlog of work that had built-up: boxes shipped, rubbish tossed, that kind of thing. a bit of digesting i'm required to do-- that is digesting as in, making a summary or abstract, not as in, intestines & nutrients-- well, i thought i was doing it wrong but it turns out i was doing it properly-like. thursday was a halloween party & i basked in social acceptance. so things are on their way, on their way. i've had lunch with pamela & tom, eaten at the shake shack & seen the tree houses in madison square park. i've got a nameplate. winning.

speaking of "winning," that is the word i threw into sam & tracey's witchknot. last night-- halloween-- was their wedding. their vampire/celtic wedding, with incense & bloodletting, & masquerading & witches. jenny is a trooper for going. as she puts it, "weddings are important." good for her. i told her if i ever tease her about not being a sport that she should mention that she might not be, but she is a trooper. i also told her that i need to switch from being jealous of her craft projects to being supportive of them. if they make her happy, so be it! i am getting off-topic though. i called bill "neil" again; he looks like such a neil to me! & i told phillipe that i liked the cover he drew for the elfish gene. james was dressed as the wesley dodds sandman ("goodnight wesley dodds..."), peter was dressed as cory doctorow, & alicia was dressed as a wolf; jenny & i were in masks. there was a problem with the dinner though, & my sick wife hadn't eaten all day & so we had to scoot out early. jenny & i briefly bickered-- i though she wanted food but she only wanted to go home-- so home we came.
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so some of the speculation this election time has been about who superman would vote for. dc comics promised to play out his politics but were wisely lying. caleb had some question dodging; superman, being an alien who lives in antarctica, can't vote. he was totally adopted as a us citizen though, so he's legal; even counting possible adoption fraud charges, he's still legal (fordmadoxfraud looked into it). he couldn't be president, but clark kent sure can vote. i'd wager that as a boy growing up on a depression era farm he votes democrat. i'm guessing as a college educated guy & a newspaperman, he votes liberal. but besides that, i realized that there is a key issue here! intelligent design. see, i'm thinking that the son of jor-el is really, deeply opposed to suppressing science in favor of ideology. considering that it was exactly that which spelled doom for krypton. now, overlooking the fact that superman being a humanoid would actually almost count as evidence for intelligent design, that pretty much answers the question of where clark's vote is going. or at least where it isn't going.

otherwise? i've been cooking a lot lately, somehow. pasta with shallots & grape tomatoes, steak with beans & rice, hot dogs; all kinds of dinner dealt by my hands! today i made brussels sprouts & asparagus with mushrooms & shallots on top. i've also been doing the dishes! double jeopardy.
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