October 15th, 2008

forever sleep

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ate leftover macaroni & cheese on the train this morning with my fingers: that made things better. not that they were bad! far from it, but rather, cloudy, the way a magic eight-ball might tell you they'd be. yesterday after work i met jenny at dojos for dinner with pamela & her gent, brando. i like having pamela around again; sure, there was a ten year gap where we didn't talk, but i learned how to pretend to be a real boy in that time. very handy. her boy brando is quiet, but came out of his shell more & more as the evening progressed. dojos was the usual; hijiki-tofu attack plan, & washed down with some wine. & then over & back to pamela & brando's place, for more wine, & the chitting & the chatting. pamela & i ducked out to grab a bottle & she was all sneaky & team-re-affirming. we came back with more wine in time for charm school jenny & brando were watching it with the volume off when we came in? i insisted we commit. either turn it off or turn it up! don't taunt me. we tumbled home all along the a train to the f train, & then into bed like a couple of tigers. then in the morning, face cradling & here we are, hi ho, hi ho.