August 10th, 2008


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pathfinder: classic monsters revisted by paizo.

paizo is a hell of a crew, i've got to say. wizards of the coast is the dungeons & dragons orthodoxy, but paizo is the gnostics with all the interesting, weird ideas. this is mostly just story material-- a reinvention or new detailing of some of the classic dnd humanoid monsters. some of them are better than others. i have already lauded pathfinder's goblins from the adventure modules; they are an excellent blend of humor & horror, hitting a note not too far from where i'm shooting for with my gobos. i saw a lot of ideas that i'd already had, found a lot of things to steal, & best of all, found some stuff that inspired me. not too shabby, hombres!

first thing in here is the bugbear, which is probably the best of the reinventions. i've got a similar boogyman--of course, right? mine is just a bogey or boggart, as per folklore. gnolls are good, but more a detailing than a reinvention; goblins as i mentioned are great; hobgoblins i felt were disservice by the art, & were pretty much they way the book sells them? i also happen to like wotc's samurai direction with them. kobolds & lizardfolk we've got more of the sort of "detailing;" minotaurs have a few hints of interesting ideas, with that goofy crossbow & a mentioned love of complexity, but that never really blossoms. ogres i actually really liked-- them as both giant children & hills have eyes monsters. orc were...the racist pastiche? sad. orcs as the indians is pretty offensive, guys. trolls were trolls-- though the sample npc troll was worth the price of admission alone.
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