July 23rd, 2008


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“I just saw a really bad ass T Shirt. It had the batman logo all I saw coming out was batman. Apparently the batman logo the new one from like the Dark Nights and instead of being the batman logo is instead a bat it's self proper. We'll not actually bat a picture of a bat stretch out to have it's stand making the batman logo. It was pretty sweet actually I saw the guy and I was like I haven't seen that before but ___ to that shirt that's pretty awesome”

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troll dweomer

it's a holiday, come on, come on!

still as rattling as lazarus; i'm not dead but i think i remember hearing something about being dead? same thing but with the sickness. the filamented mollusks from my gut have spread into my lungs, spun cotton-candy coccoons, silky threads dripping with slime. i crawled to the gym the other day, though, & found it to be a fine pursuit for a gentleman of my stature. my intention is to go again this evening, & also to lure the lovely beloved with me. come along to the gymnasium, wife! last night i played some of the coda to resident evil four (4), in which the deus ex machina events of the story are explained by the femme fatale's actions. i also played the tmnt game for the wii, which is alright. i also also drank some beers, & found it endlessly amusing to keep making donatello run off the cliff & die. so i did that for a while till jenny yelled at me to just finish the level. the turtles are really, really brilliant. just in general; playing the game makes me think of the enormous affection i have for them, & for tmnt & other strangeness. i like to imagine that the turtles, usagi yojimbo, & cerebus all share the same world.
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harlequin tin

curios & object d'art.

the cabinet of wonders: book one (1) of the kronos chronicles by marie rutkoski.

i am happy to report that i enjoyed this very much. it was a concern! what if it was awful, what would i say to marie? as luck, or really skill, metis, would have it, the question is dodged. i happened to find the book quite lovely. i say that with very little bias, too. so, enough ado & all that rot. to the meat & the drink. cut to the chase. license to kill.

cabinet... is a ya book set in hapsburg prague. you know i don't like prague, so that was a hurdle! i do like fantasy yarns, & this is a pleasant one. petra kronos is a competent young girl with scoundrel friends who gets in & out of trouble. i won't dither on with a plot summary or any such nonsense. suffice to say: smart girl +1. mechanical spider +1. gypsies +1. so on, so forth. the relationship between petra & her tin spider, astrophil, is a little bit shades of pullman, but not in any way other than they were sipping from the same well, if you follow.

the big selling points for me were a variety of details. most i won't go into, since i plan on biting her style & cribbing them for my own use. we share an interest in invisible fingers, which i call ectoplasmic fingers. a marble with a wasp in it. names for things. john dee! the redheaded queen in a dress made of eyes & ears (a real painting)! & there are selling details-- the sick horses really impressed me. motives outside the scope of the narrative! there is a broader tale at work. that always pleases me.

a quick note: a reviewer for the book said there was "no coherent system of magic." okay, listen you dried up prune of the worst sort of gamer. systems of magic is one of the great millstones of a rule system. as soon as you make magic a reliable, codified, practical schema, you loose the wonder. magic should be incoherent. what are you, a wizard, who can tell it like it is? eff you.
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