June 29th, 2008

modern nazgul

cowardly & superstitious!

gotham by gaslight by brian augustyn, f. craig russell, mike mignola.

okay, so how does it live up compared to the hype? not really. the art is mwa, magnifique. that much is true. the story, well, wobbles. the first bit, batman against jack the ripper, is pretty much a snooze. & then also, jack the ripper--is responsible for the death of his parents! oh heavens man, trot out that old trope? then apparently his quest for vengeance is over, forgetting about the gunman who actually pulled the trigger. the second tale, against the steampunk tech villain leroi, has at least some promise. leroi's character is a lot less flimsy then jack's, even though the art on his uniform is a big part of it. anyhow, somehow this ends with batman's girlfriend telling him she figured out it was him, ta-da! i can't tell if it is supposed to be commentary on bachelorhood & marriage or what. i didn't like it, myself. despite my complaints, this had some moments.
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