June 27th, 2008


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the joker: the greatest stories ever told by various & many.

the actual cover to this trade is an alex ross joker, & i do so like alex ross' mister j, with his toothsome smile, all shark & playing card. here is the best thing i can say about this: it has my favorite joker story in it, the steve englehart tale where the joker starts killing patent lawyers because they won't let him copyright "fish." it makes me think of hated fishmalks, while at the same time, you know, being the tale of a the original fishmalk terrorizing a town. also: i laughed out loud more than several times reading this. because i think the joker is funny. oh, it also has the black & white joker story of the joker not being crazy, but sane & dangerous. i like that one, too! shame there wasn't any way to shoe-horn something from arkham asylum in though, huh? oh man, the joker & batman are such admirable fellows, cream of the human crop! also, i was thinking about it-- if gotham is new york, & metropolis is new york & chicago, then maybe there should be a california superhero in "southland." is that okay? oh, there is a story about the joker having a utility belt, & it is kind of fantastic.
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i don't think you're ready for this (mini)jelly.

after work i darted up to meet with pamela at google. what was i going to say about that? i had an interstitial little anecdote i was going to share. ah! it was this: i was being a fucking idiot about trains. for some reason i just couldn't work my head around where i was going for a few days, & i had this expectation that i'd tranfer like this & then i'd ride that train until here, when in fact at the last moment i sobered up & realized i could take the two (2) train straight there. what the hell, brain? at least you got my back in the clinch. so then all of a sudden, there i was!

we walked through her offices briefly (jealous) & then-- adventure! pamela had been given these coupons for free stuff, two-for-one, whatever. they were all for the fancy chelsea mall that runs beneath her building; call me crazy, but it was just a ritzy shopping mall! an "arcade" if you will. anyhow, it was fun, & i quite like that pamela has the quality of character that makes talking to strangers a second nature. so she's great for going to wine tastings or to get free cocktails or whatever. handy! swiss! at the free cocktails, i got some thing with elderblossom sorbet & pam had some thing with red peppers & pineapple. & nate, the bartender, only wanted to talk about kissing girls!

after all of our scurrying for brownies & pickles & wine & candy was done, we walked around chelsea for a little bit. woah, manhattan is a weird place. filled with strange people! i hate to be such a brooklyn snob, but: BK! we grabbed a drink at a silly little cafe, which was like, six bucks a bottle. sure, guys! then back to pamela's place, where we drank some wine & watched enchanted. it was so-so; not as great as people built it up to be. jenny had watched it the other day & she warned me it was so. then from there it was time to go home. man, getting from her place to my place is a breeze; i can hop on just about any train to get home. i took the d! woah, this post is really disjointed, but i was being frequently interrupted!
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i didn't read this, i just want it.

a lovecraft retrospective

oh man, io9 was talking about this fancy ass lovecraftian art book & now i'm all drool, drool, drool. four hundred (400) pages of stuff, with fold-outs & what have you. of course, it boils down to about four hundred dollars ($395.00), & even with my discount that is still a butt-load of money. so no giant lovecraft book for me. still, sparkly, ooh, sunken treasure.
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