June 11th, 2008

thousand yard drink

red son.

superman: the world of krypton by dc comics.

okay, first off. i like, i really, really like john barry's krypton from superman: the movie. for me, that is so alien, so beautiful, so utterly grand in scope. the fortress of solitude as the pyramid of crystals is the definative version, as far as i am concerned. it remains a big, mythic image in my mind. that said, i was looking forward to this, especially with the john carter looking looking cover. the first & bulkiest part of the book is a byrne/mignola kryptonian science-fantast tale! & it was actually really good. clones & mecha & moral lessons & everything you could want. that story was in the frame story of jor-el watching it, which was in the frame story of superman telling louis lane. the jor-el & lara story i didn't think was all that good; it was a little too heavy handed & lost the jor-el as authority figure, but it definately had moments. i think it is a matter of preference. after that, though, were a bunch of kryptonian fables! like, "here is why superman agrees with green arrow about pollution!" & even one about wasting water. actually, the drought one was pretty great. some of them were dated, but a lot of them were just fine examples of craft. very nice over-all; impressive art & story for big chunks of it.
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heat misers as far as the eye can see.

the heat has made doing much of anything a horrid nightmare, so there hasn't been a lot of action on the gotham streets. at least, not on my behalf; the streets still swarm with half-apes made sunshine crazy. monday jenny came with me to the gym, & then we feasted last into the night on red quinoa. the red quinoa is not as fluffy as the "regular" quinoa, & we have to sort of chalk it up as a failed experiment. nothing is on television except the back-log of battlestar: galactica. we fell behind during the wedding, & now the show is on its mid-season break, right? so we'll catch up eventually, when we have the focus to devote to it. last night was something similar; cool drinks & reading on the couch. well, first christopher & i trundled out to williamsberg for play rehearsal...cancelled play rehearsal. lois & alia & maggie were still there though, so some scenes got done, or at least read through. anyhow, back to the night time at home, tucking into bed was a bit silly? we acting like a couple of lunatics & at one point i called jenny a "foul santa." she thought that was a little eccentric. eventually bedtime happened, which was nice, because this morning i popped up out of my nest & darted over to the gym for the early bird special! getting better at getting on track with that. if the heat would let up, we'd need to do laundry, but i bought some new black t-shirts just yesterday, so i've got some time. which reminds me; i'm supposed to buy allergy medicine for jenny today. remember to do that, mordicai! what is today going to be like? well, we'll see! jenny was going to be out & about but that got cancelled, so who can say.
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