May 22nd, 2008


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hey! this sucks! jenny hated the suit, & not in a "come on, really?" but in a "...well, yeah, it might be kind of awful." i don't know how to make these kinds of calls! so today i'm going to fucking hit the scurry. i have new plans. small pants. edelweisse! so right, the beat goes on! the beat does actually go on. i think olive & katja might come with me while i trawl the clothiers? on the plus side, new book shelves, which i like to stare at. i'm not even talking now, just rushing.
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““Welp! Crisis averted, it looks like, by of all places Bloomingdales. Um. Ya I just got, we got ourselves some fancy Bloomingdales and, I think they're nice? They, they're supposed to undergo Jenny's approval but they're in my possession and that's a, a large step. I also returned the suit from Men's Wearhouse to the other Men's Wearhouse and that means that my chores for today are -- with any luck -- concluded and all now I have to do is meet up with Katja and Olive, not get killed by a bus, and it's been a pretty successful Thursday. It's Thursday right? Thursday? Thursday, and then tomorrow's Friday which is like, whatever. It's the day that I'm not having a bachelor party on, so that's, that's a stress removed and then Saturd-- Oh crap, I'm supposed to have fucking dinner tonight with a collision of like my biologicals and Jenny's 'rents. It's gonna be great fun. It's not gonna be anything, it's gonna be dull and I'm not gonna enjoy myself but it won't be a mess. So there you have it. That's ... 1 2 3 4 5! 5 things I told you.””

Transcribed by: scythrop