May 16th, 2008


fat monkey.

went home & watched juno with jenny. "watched," because we were pretty pause happy. i was paws happy too, grabbing at the remote. let me hold it! anyhow, juno was alright. the tension of expectations, the "what will go wrong?" vibe, we hate that. i hate it especially, i want stories where everything goes swimmingly. bah. conflict, drama. or maybe i hate conflict generated by the suckiness of the participants? jenny isn't suck, i should do something to hook her. hooks. anyhow, it had some charm, but also it was very much what you've seen it advertised as. it was just that. though the songs during the credits were crazy! i want those. not the super twee, but the songs about vampires & whatever. also, i didn't drink, since i was going to (& did) go to the gym in the morning. going to the gym in the morning is a nice way to provide a motive for not drinking. otherwise, shouldn't oblivion be courted? isn't that the case? it seems like it is. after the gym, i stopped by the butcher shop. i've been exploring the butcher shops or fancy delis or whatever in the slope lately. now it is today: today is pretty rainy, which i like. plus, it was only rainy enough that i didn't bother deploying my umbrella this morning. fun.
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website & dates for witch prison!

the witch prison website is now up, & it is my pleasure to note that the dates of the play are july second (7/2) to july seventh (7/7). i'll be playing the wardlock (as the playbill says: "half warden, half warlock, all FIEND!") & jenny will be playing a sexy witch. what more could you want? very little, i think. very little indeed. I'm a charming little imp lets make no mistake about it. none at all.