May 1st, 2008


oh it's sweet how the darkness is floating around!

any question? any of you bubbles of saint elmo's fire or wil o' wisps require any further education? let me give you all assurances that the furnaces of the goblins have not ceased, & that all of time is to be kept sacred with industry, preparing invulnerable tanks for the final war against all. that the children of angrboda have supped on the waters which achilles was dipped, & that they are hungry for the meads of valhalla, the ambrosia of olympus, the mana of heaven. also be well promised of this: that while we watched television, we did drink six seven bottles of wine, & that i did speak into them & thus sounded so very much like sir darth vader.

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1. the source of my self-esteem is that i have never seen the film double dragon.
2. in all ways am i well girdled with the secret knowledge of bones & pitch.
3. the rumor of my discontent with wikipedia is true! not entirely, not to the quick, but it has the ring of honesty for such it is. the root of these misgivings are thus: deletionists. these bastards are the worms in the apple of knowledge of good & evil. frank bacon had it right: take all knowledge baby! take it & providence all over it! so these guys delete articles that aren't "worthy of inclusion." listen, i retort with the inclusionist manifesto: wikipedia is not paper! who cares if every pokemon has its own page, you fucking pseduointellectual snobs? you know what, yeah! yeah, sometimes i search wikipedia to find out about comic book characters, & you know what? i should be able to. i want wikipedia to contain within it all of everything, till it rears up alive & sentient like skynet. fuck you i want this thing & you cannot stop it.
4. i don't really remember much after we went to bed, but the fragments of memory i possess are very nice. i quite enjoy them. a cupful of sparks, embers sparkling.
5. i have been meaning to speak about something, but i am conflicted, both with superstition & doubt. i don't want to jinx this thing, but it occupies my thoughts & i should speak of it somewhat to do right by myself & the pretense of the honest rendering of my life. jenny is a very good girlfriend, & is respectful of important choices in my life, that is it in summary. gentle deeds are afoot & she is the perfect culprit. she is excellent in new ways-- ways that are subtle but important to me. i recognize them & dwell on them, in earnest but in secret. to wit: my name.
6. it turns out that anytime you put paprika into a thing, i will like it. i am not proud of this admission, since it reveals the scars of childhood. i resent that anything that might have happened to me then could inform my present, but it is true. i have a little bit of an ethnicity & there it is.
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ghastlies & spooks!

heroes of horror by james wyatt, ari marmell, & c. a. suleiman.

my friend tom is a funny cat. he is the kind of guy who is always giving his stuff away. now, i think a lot of it has to do with tensions in his character, between wanting &...well, wanting not to want. he's rendered unto me many fabulous gifts! & recently, he has decided to sell off all his his dnd books, since the new edition is coming out. okay? not my style, but definately his. i took this off his hands, since i've sort of admired it for a bit but not quite enough to buy it new. the rules are only so-so; the classes are interesting but ultimately one-use only; you could get a few different spins out of the archivest character, maybe, but a one dread necromancer is the same as the next. plus, corruption, tain, whatever. the advice is much more to my liking, & in particular it is the tidbits that i like. i like the moose-headed god of spite, for one thing. moose-headed god of spite! & the random lists of spooky things-- some of those i like as well. &! oh, the frame story, which is all about jozan (the signature cleric of the game) being turned into a vampire! how adorable. though in one picture, lidda is dead, & let me tell you something: lidda is a halfling, & halflings always survive.
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kablooie kablam!

i am supposed to write something this week for symon's magazine about whiskey, but i don't know what i might write about! my skull is a pressure cooker, or maybe a crock pot; i throw stuff into it & let it simmer. maybe i'll come up with something about the people who live in the northern lights. gosh though, i'm really empty on the subject! also i am meant to get together with danielle to write stuff, & i will, but when? i don't think i am qualified to make decisions about my life, like when i might go to a place, or whatever. or i could talk about giants, or jetpacks, or all three things. he told me it should be experimental, so maybe i'll make it about science! fuck, man. i should just do it, right? like nike, the goddess of shoes, says. just do it, it is engraved in the base of her statue. here, i'm on the phone now, calling symon. he'll advise me! or i'll get his voicemail. bastard! oh, fuck, i could write about a robot named "Ai." that is kind of cute. the robot is the king of the jungle. okay, a robot who is the king of the jungle, has a jetpack, & lives in the northern lights. see, this brainstorming session is going pretty well, don't you think? it is like tarzan, but a robot. maybe Ai is the god that Hansel should worship. also let me tell you about the four saints; i could write about the four saints in there too. why not kitchen sink it? sink everything, i'm a sinker, we all know that about me. you know, bai ling doesn't have these troubles. she's so brilliant. i envy moonpeople. (if you had a jetpack, you'd be the king of the jungle too. "oh look, a lion. fuuuuuuuck you! whoosh!") okay or how about this: it is a story about a bunch of wizards, flying around through space, with their magic swords, & then they crash. & meet a robot named Ai. okay, okay, this is coming together!
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iron fist

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you know what i don't like? i don't like it when pretty girls don't know that i have a pretty girlfriend. like, hey, settle down everybody. i am flirting, but only since i'm a giant flirt! you know how sometimes someone will talk about their significant other & you'll be like "huh. i bet her boyfriend is fat. too bad for her!" or other like thoughts? i don't want others to entertain those thoughts of me! jenny is very pretty, & besides liking her more than everybody else (allow me to intrude a comment here: i don't think any of you exist!) i also think she is pretty, so very nice & pretty. don't think i'm dazzled by you, kid! i've got a knockout of my own at home. apropos of nothing.
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