April 18th, 2008

it lives!

more portraits of hell.

barlowe's inferno by wayne barlowe.

i picked up the "sequel" to this, brushfire first, so i knew what to expect. barlowe creates fairly stunning landscapes & figures & populates hell with them; these grotesque & beautiful creations have an internal logic that hangs all of the pieces together. i am of course insanely curious to know what he ranks as influences-- i see a lot of planescapes hell in there, & a lot of wraith too; i always want to know the loops & whorls of things like that. what feedsback into who. the whole microculture of fantasy sometimes can iterate out some pretty great stuff. the writing isn't to shabby either! the massive heart at the wargate fed by miles of infernal veins built into the architecture: hooray! thanks for explaining how time is kept, my good man.
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m-ouse ears.

how i met your mother.

so after setting up the lulu-mocca booth, i came home & goofed around for a little bit, but before too long my geek & romantic drives kicked in & i put in the meeting & wedding episodes of robotech. you know, the heart-wrenching tale of boy meets giant girl in aerial combat, boy blows up girl's fighting robot, girl shrinks down to human size to kill boy, girl & boy go versus each other in an arcade game, boy asks girl on date to the park, girl attacks boy with a knife, boy asks girl to marry him, girl says yes. so adorable! plus, giant fighting robots. that transform into jets. after that, jenny came home & we drank too much wine & watched goofy comedies. somewhere in the middle of the second bottle jenny finished her one thousandth paper crane, so she coached my clumsy fingers into folding number one thousand & one, & poof. wish! ha, all you scoundrals, i'm getting married, ha ha! i'm the wickedest of all & i win.
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