April 8th, 2008

goblin king

my new plan for how to save dungeons & dragons.

lucifuge by wayne barlowe.

i still do muse occasionally on ideas that don't quite fit for my oubliette game. some of these cosmological ideas i like to think about slipping in to a dungeon & dragons context. so here we go, i've got a quick, easy little nugget, but it is the sort of brainstorm that could be spun into some significant changes in cosmology. here it comes! what if the devils, those lawful evil villians, are the fallen angels, those celestials who have been cast into the Pit. compare them to demons, those chaotic evil fiends, who would then be the native fauna of the Pit. so Hell's original denizens are the demons, & the cast out sinner angels are the devils. simple, right, but it adds a little bit of lemon & brimstone twist, gives you something new to work with. copyright mordicai jerks! anyhow, i've got different things in mind for my game...
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my hair is a very big mess.

i noticed the first sign of gentrification here at the mouth of the end of the world: a cross-walk! so i guess the mega-target-arcology they built is having at least some kind of uplifting effect on the neighborhood. see, the part of flatbush avenue everyone crosses has long been at best quasi-legal. there is a divot in the sidewalk indicating a natural on/off ramp, & even a walk/don't walk sign, but the cross-walks didn't jive with the actual pattern of foot traffic. well, what to my wondering eyes should appear today but the white bars of pedestrian safety!
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