April 1st, 2008

talk talk

many rooms.

the judge looked upon me & saw that i was good. not Good, for though i may claim many things (Sharp, Brilliant), that is not among them. i took my papers to the administrators & they said that all was in order; the cashier down below (up & down the stairs i climbed! up eight flights, down six flights) did not have change but the candy shop (down three flights) did indeed so all was fine (back up three flights). then i was to wait for the judge (up eight flights) & for a moment it was touch & go-- the clerk was concerned at the spelling of my last name being different than jenny's (all intentional!) & thought it possible that the judge would need a signed affidavit from jenny. i assured her that jenny planned to change her last name when we were lawfully wed, & the judge saw fit to put her stamp & sign upon my papers. back at the bureaucrats (down two flights) they saw that all was writ as should be, & more seals were pressed upon my document. i left then (down eight flights) & now all that remains is for the local newsrags to tell my tale; then all this nasty, brutish business will be official.
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smoke gas ahoy!

sandman mystery theatre: the scorpian by matt wagner, steven t. seagle, guy davis.

i had read this one already, i figured out about halfway through. i couldn't remember the end, so i had to go ahead & figure it out. uh, this one was a little bit on the continuance of the "queers are funky (but funny) deviants" thing, which okay, again, i get that there are in period character saying these things, but sorry, you only get so much of a pass. wes dodds continues to be an okay dude, though. & there were nightmares in this one, which was good. good. & i started poking at gene wolfe's starwater strains this morning, too.
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