March 24th, 2008

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i took a picture of my haggard ass falling asleep on the train. & okay what a fucking over-statement! but i didn't want to stay out super-late, & i didn't want to get super hammered, & i knew the only way i was going to stay out super-late was if i let myself get super drunk, & if i stayed too late i'd get super drunk was a maze of if/than statements. ? hello world! anyhow, i ended up bailing super early from carla's; i even left jenny there! but i am pretty tolerable (in in, by my ranking: on easy, you won't get kicked off) on the drums, singing, & guitar. not shabby! today was pretty full. i went to indian with danielle, too. slipping back into that friendship. i totally flaked on her & the party last night. also, today, we fifty percent of our gaming group was out (one fourth of it was emergency room worthy) so it all got cancelled. anyhow, what can i tell you about myself. i set a best-case scenario goal of one in the morning ano meridian or whatever? what is with all this ano meridian ano dominio jesus is alive & so is the sun stuff, anyhow? i should learn the french revolutionary calendar & put my money where my mouth is, all admiring of it i am. so i'm can i totally shop talk? i mean, i totally left without any hope or expectation that she'd come with. & gave her any & every indication that her staying was not just condoned but expected. anyhow though sad mordicai! so full of absent jenny! sleepy at best, she's been! again, not complaining, & not even heart-broken. just saying, i want a full cup of jenny! she's the taste!
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jack killed my friend the giant.

absent all weekend. no girl friday! & on friday, she fell asleep & left me with nothing to do but shuffle my bones around. saturday something similar-- sure i got things done & then folded up my origami jenny into my lap, but then she fell asleep again! another night for switchblade mordicai. like a naked hermit crab scuttling for a shell. swap! sunday we split up early. my game was off, & she was off too, gallavanting with kira, so i met up with danielle for a controversial lunch. & no, for the record, i didn't "ruin my appetite." for carla's ishtar dinner, & rock band, which we were both present for. not wanting to pickle my head with cocktails & stay up all night, i (somewhat inebriatedly) took my leave. home again home again, but not home at all! gingerbread be damned! jenny stayed behind & never came home. hip hip! hooray. i hate you fucking clowns. so far my day has been up & down. mostly i think my cranking has been the cause of the downs. well, & homeless people dumping cat food outside of my store. you fucking animals. oh, & jenny has my book in her purse, dangnabit.
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i have to go volunteer at the goblin defense fund (

this is supposedly a list of "stupid" monsters from dungeon & dragons, but i beg to differ. this is a list of awesome monsters. okay, i'll grant you things like armadillephant. but giff! giant space hamsters! you are a crazy fool not to like these things. as for the living dungeon things (killer floors, killer treasure chests, killer ceilings, killer walls, whatever) i admit that clumsy use makes them somewhat silly, but used well, how fucking creepy is that? really, though, if you want creepy...

...& giant vampire frogs are definately in my game. true story. look out!
(edit: peter & i just figured out that there should be both regular vampire frogs & giant vampire frogs.)
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also can i talk about how i'm deeply touched by this photo of amy winehouse? i'm moved, like upon dark waters. she's so fucking angelic looking, it is crazy. like a little turkish seraph, am i right? all done up in her schoolgirl wear. i pretty much want to bundle her up in blankets & take her to a hotel on a mountain or i don't know what i'll do. she's so fucking pretty right here! & what do i care about dumb old drugged out amy winehouse? i don't care about her. but i do care about the girl in this photograph!
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“So it occurred to me that I could in fact theoretically make phone posts while not being hammered. Which is an exciting experiment. Right now I'm coming from picking up dinner. One of the restaurants that I pick up food from, rather frequently is called Pizza Plus. They've got excellent pizza and excellent plus. I eat there and drink a lot. So, I just went there and picked up some sandwiches, and when I go there I turn into like a super weird like Brooklyn Jewish cariccature, that's, it's kind of hilarious. I should be so lucky, I actually said that. So I should be so lucky today. I don't know, it is just funny? I don't know, it entertains me and that's really what this is all about. I picked up a book about outer space. I'm gonna talk about that probably a little bit later, and I got some reading done on my Sarah Bloffer Hardy book. The woman who never evolved and she's, she's my feminist super hero, I really like her and I'm happy to be reading another book by her cos it was outta print for a little while. Either that or I just never really thought to get it after maybe trying a coupe of times. I'm not sure, but I've got it now and maybe I'll finish John Kocker too. But, I'll probably watch a lotta TV because there's Britney Spears on Hinium which is about that. And then I think it's like a love story ground, I don't know. Anyhow, Jenny's gonna be home and I'm gonna cuddle up into her and we'll see how it happens. Right, free round, foot loose, fancy free.”

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moria mask

planet eating bacterium!

worlds: a mission of discovery by alec gillis.

wow. sort of like the photographs navidson would have taken, had be been part of the first manned mission to habitable worlds. there is a certain sort of something going on, besides the obvious work that went in to the production of the images. & beyond the sort of "tug at the heartstrings" tale associated with them. something that makes the bad bits of the cgi the sort of thing you ignore in favor of the good parts. which really is what you should be going for with special effects. maybe it is the premise, that this is a photo essay about this mission-- that is a very engaging sort of hook. this sure is pretty, above all. oh, & the two aliens doing it is pretty hilariously gross. gross out!
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