February 9th, 2008

harlequin tin

as a kite by then.

shaking bugs in the wall, but i felt pretty safe about it. i am the spider, they are the crickets. sing, & i shiver; step close, & i tremble. but because i sit, fat, in the center of my web, & you are struggling in the strands of my trap. this is why i am who i am. & safe in jenny, muffled by pillows. i know i won't be able to drift off easy, though; third eye demands attention over sleep, & so i tumble out of bed to lay in the bathtub with the lights off & the water coming down on me. see how i just regulated that shit? my lucky bones squirming around inside of me, & i'm inside of their clattering cage. & the teeth & tumblers in my face. i had this idea about radio waves, i had it come to me while a baby was staring at my eyes, slung over its father's shoulder. it got a little piece of me inside of it & i wonder how it will grow up. all the word full of seeds of me. tiny little shards of ole glass m, lodged inside of everyone like a splinter, once, twice removed. & then last night! i really need to mention: the wine tasted like sea food. like the smell of something lost & rotting on lake eerie. it tasted like the wastelands.
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    crown me king feat. claw hammer- dunt, dunt, dunt.