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Uolë Kúvion. (36)

Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien.

One side of The Moon
pale sky over black jungle,
one grey, with black skies.

A work by Tolkien that I haven't read before is a real treat; I haven't had any since the Tale of the Children Húrin. This is much more in the vein of Farmer Giles of Ham, but that isn't a bad thing; if anything, this is an interesting little corner of Tolkien's legendarium, almost a bridge between the modern world & the Arda of the Silmarillion. Thematically it presages The Hobbit, what with trips on birdback & dragons & all that, but I'm interested in the nooks & crannies. I mean, Uin the Whale is present in early drafts of Tolkien's mythos, & here he clearly carries Roverandom to the edge of the world, from which the little dog can see Valinor. Roverandom hiruvalyë Valimar! I'm getting ahead of the tale, I think. Roverandom is, quite baldly, a story J.R.R. Tolkien made up because one of his children lost a little toy of a dog. In it, a dog-- named Rover-- is turned into a toy by a wizard named Artaxerxes, lost by "Boy Two," meets the wizard Psamathos Psamathides, is sent to the moon to meet The Man in the Moon & his moon-dog also named Rover, is re-christened the eponymous "Roverandom," travels under the sea to meet the sea-dog Rover, & eventually...well, I won't spoil the ending. Maybe I can't help but look for clues & puzzle pieces, but...remember the missing Blue Wizards from The Lord of the Rings? The apocryphal Alatar & Pallando? Well, I can't help but wonder. Artaxerxes has a blue feather tucked behind his cap-- signaling he's a wizard, of course-- & sounds a bit like Tom Bombadil, but lacks the Eldest & Fatherless' demeanor & pluck. Now, the Man in the Moon, if we go by Tolkien, might well be Tilion, the Maia who steers the moon. Of course, Tilion might be Alatar, as Olórin was Gandalf-- Tilion & Alatar both being close in the councils of Oromë. Ah, I know I'm just being silly, but I like the idea of these faded old angels playing their tricks on one another.

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