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Super Smize.

Finally got a chunk of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion out of the way, though we're still not caught up. fatbutts came over first with Archie, & she was gratifyingly annoyed at the people ragequitting in GoldenEye, which I was playing while waiting for people. Host quit? What is that nonsense! We hung out for a minute before James & fordmadoxfraud showed up, & then killed time till Jenny got home. I ordered sandwiches from M & S Prime Meats & was pretty disappointed in their veal parmesan. There were beers but I didn't drink them-- I was feeling weird yesterday, either super tired or fighting off a cold or something. No sniffles or anything, but just...drained, like, black wizard needs food badly. In case it was a case of the sick, I didn't want to compromise my immune system. Anyhow, we watched the second episode of America's Next Top Model, which featured the "shakeovers." Oh man, the best thing about the success of Tyra's outsider art is that now Tyra is free to just speak in her own crazy language, all the time. Thanks Modelland! It is like Tyra has a twin language, but no twin to speak it to. She's so great; as Lilly says: "I bet she smells so good & her skin is so soft!" During the makeovers, it is clear the AzMarie is the star of the show; she's the androgynous lesbian going around washing everyone's hair & flirting. Besides her, the high points of the episode(s) was watching Sophie & Ashley be mean girls in the confessional. The next episode featured Kelly Cutrone yelling at people, which I don't like-- Jenny likes her, but you can't undercut someone's authority in front of the people they are supposed to be managing & then count that against them. Like-- yeah, they didn't respect their leader, you slagged off on her in front of them. Also you said that they need to be tough as nails but got super pissed when someone stood up to you. Hrm. Which, listen, Louise was definitely wrong & crazy. These people are your bosses & your judges. This is not a time to dig you heels in & shake your head. I'm just saying it was also bad advice to imply that being strong means being stubbon. Anyhow, I hated Louise but she could take good pictures, so I'm sad to see her go, though I'm glad it was in a spasm of drama, at least. (Photos by Chris Frawley.)
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