December 4th, 2007

moria mask

the golden compass.

i talked about how stoked i was for the golden compass to come out, & thanks to jenny nabbing us free passes & david & i waiting in the polar cold, we got into an advance screening last night. worth every second. don't believe anyone who says this movie isn't good: this movie is great. seriously, what the hell, reviewers? anyhow, the movie isn't without serious flaws, but i don't care at all. this movie flew along at a breakneck pace, totally relentlessly jammed packed with "happenings." if i didn't already know the plot i might have felt rushed, but as it stands, i was happy to be along for the ride. the crashing musical ride. it was very noisy! i liked that. the breakdown:

10/10 for fighting armored bears. you might have been wondering, "mordicai," you'd say, "mordicai, are there enough armored fighting bears?" & i'd have to reply, "well, sweetmeats, there can't ever really be enough. but in that bears are literally, without any exaggerations, ripping each other's faces off then kind of yes." & you know, killing killing killing, nearly without cease. the downside of this is bad cgi "bear-riding" scenes, but whatever.

5/10 for not letting me forget that "alethiometer" means "golden compass." seriously, everytime somebody fucking talks about this thing, they append it with a little parenthetical aside "also known as...the golden compass!" & it is kind of annoying. double points off for stupid special effects when lyra uses it; all sparkly golden dream sequence bullshit. i don't care for it, no sir! especially not as that isn't even what it means.

11/10 for lyra silvertongue. i mean, for a minute at the beginning you get the chills-- what if they just make lyra a precocious, bratty, passive-aggressive cipher? i mean, most kids movies have those protags. lyra really comes into her own, though, all fucking glaring at gyptians "what're you looking at?" & spitting at tartars & convincing the bear king all kinds of crazy shit. she's fucking great, all blowing shit up & whatever. note: this includes the -5 penalty for the shitty kate bush song (sorry scythrop!) oh, & the rest of the cast is pretty cool, too. i like swanky shit like that.

8/10 for rape monkeys. the most disturbing thing in his dark materials is mrs. coulter's golden rape monkey. nobody else liked it, but i did, what with it all being a creepy gripping, petting menace. brr! plus, the bit with mrs. coulter giving it a smack? man, that is one muxed up dame! so spooky. i liked it, what about you?

34/40 on the "totally made up on the spot" scale. i'd say you should read these, see these, digest these in any form possible. because, see, & here is the thing: they're all about killing god. which is funnily enough one of my favorite ambitions of all! also: i maybe don't care if films are sort of "visual appendices" to the book. you get to have all the high points hit for you. the "de-churched" neutering isn't offensive; they just never call the magisterium the church, even though it clearly is. so fret not, my munchkins!
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mano negra

i like young adult fantasy fiction.

the last apprentice: revenge of the witch by joseph delaney.

jenny got through this with an admix of reading & listening to the audio book at the gym. i can't imagine that sort of multimedia approach to a book; maybe that means i should try it some time. anyhow, she recommended it to me, & so i picked it up. i sort of slacked off on novels when november hit, to stay focused, & now i'm out of practice. ease back into it with some quick reads, i figure. i ended up liking it more than i expected. you know, it was weirdly gendered...all female witches & whatnot, but recognizing such a thing doesn't hamper my enjoyment (except at a nit-picker, right? like witches were all female, pah!) so i trundled on. also, i have a stake in liking ya books where the protagonist isn't a little shit, but is instead the kind of kid who steps up to the plate. programming better children for a better tomorrow, that is what i always say. there wasn't so much genuine spookiness in it, but the mood was set well, & that is really a nice thing. i liked it enough to buy the next one, so well done, i guess.
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goblin's grimace

HEADLINE: homophobe likes racist whales.

so listen, a while ago this guy, this nobody guy, started one of those miniature tornadoes in a bottle (kandor), that bottle being the world of...the feminist comics bloggers! anyhow, the crux of his argument was: I am soooooo friggin' sick of gay characters being shoved into my comic books I could scream. he then goes on to...well, basically say he doesn't hate gay people, as long as they, you know, don't exist for all practical purposes. KNOWING that a character is gay really ruins it for him. he's got KIDS you have to understand. KIDS. so anyhow, it is sort of stupidly ongoing, like with him calling people who disagree with his homophobia the Pink Crowd which is actually kind of cute. anyhow, some commenter, failing to understand that interconnectivity is the very nature of the internet, & that the people responding to his homophobic statements had clicked over there, wondered why nobody had commented on his save the whales post. anyhow, i like whales, & they were just in my stupid nanowrimo which looms like a shadow over everything i do, so i went over to whales revenge to sign their meaningless internet petition. then after i had, i played their silly little flash game. WHICH HAS RACIST CARICATURES IN IT. alright, the tiny little japanese flags, i'm down with that. no problemo! why not point fingers! maybe level two is norwegians! anyhow, if you blow up the boat, dudes wearing coolie hats jump off waving their arms! what the hell! racist fucking whales! fucking amazing.
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why won't the fucking foot clan just DO WHAT I SAY?

see, i told you i bought bitters! they were hiding behind the olive oil! "angostura" is probably martian for "tricksie" i think. that is where this comes from, yeah? mars? so here i am just sort of in my own head on this...shit, tuesday evening? i will destroy you, tyr! no one-handed man can stop me! speaking of, i think maybe i might be related to lugh of the long arm? because i was doing this bicep curl machine today & my one arm is totally longer than the other. see, i went to the gym! i slacked off last month, pretty much. not entirely, but it wasn't par, that is for sure. meanwhile...jenny was asleep! she is sick with a case of the muffins & rose petals. or whatever. bad juju! speaking of bad juju, mine has been circling round. curling about by fist.

currently? well, i was trying to piece together a mix for general_jinjur, but then! disaster struck! so now i'm listening to an old mix that i put together for jenny. you know, i've got some game! this cd ain't half bad! it ain't perfect, by any standard, but here it is. so now, what? i lurk in front of the glow from the monitor. i could be devising a plot. you might even say that i am! but i could stop at any time to go write in my little notebook or to read some of the black dossier. i might even read some of the next last apprentice book if i want to! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT & THE FOOT CLAN CAN'T STOP ME. also, i am a little bit obsessed with the heat miser.

oh, i have been having prophetic dreams about the gold moon again. & empty mars. black pinpricks.
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