November 2nd, 2007

goblin sneak

i spent all night waking up.

i meant to go to the gym, honest injun! but it wasn't doing; my brain was a fuzzy piece of lint pulled out of the filter on the drier. just buzz buzz buzz in their, moths knocking about against the bone. jenny came home kind of exhausted, so we took a dodge, & drank cocktails instead. exellent vodka, chemical depressant! a critical componant in mental health. though it is responsible for me watching grey's anatomy with jenny, so i guess i must be sorta conservative with my props. oh, & i tagged out three & a half grand (3,500) on the novel yesterday-- the fifty k (50,000) word count is intimidating, but with any luck i'll show some pluck.
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punisher & the new quasar.

punisher: war journal: civil war by matt fraction, ariel olivetti, & mike deodato

it was alright. at the end of the day, though, i don't like the supers punisher, & really, this comic relied too much on "punking" capes. it doesn't appeal to me to have your non-spandex guy (even though, lets be clear...he's in spandex) just sort of violate the suspension of disbelief as part of his "tough guyness." i mean, yeah, we know that some of the silver age stuff was goofy, & we don't need you to point it out for us. it was kind of fun...i guess i shouldn't complain too much. oh, & it touched civil war, which doesn't bode well for anybody...what a clusterfuck. anyhow, the funeral scene was charming, except, again, for the end. it just missed clicking with me, i guess; maybe the real problem is that david told me it was good, though. you know, representation of prior opinion equals preconceptions.

annihilation: conquest: quasar by cage, lilly, almond, & peru.

wow, this entry is all about the colon, huh? anyhow, this is a book (or well, issues, whatever) that gets your hopes up & lets you down. first the good stuff: phyla-vell is sweet as quasar. she looks totally awesome with her quantum sword & the eye stripe & the off-center logo, & all that. she's got a cheesy weakness (anger makes me get annihilusy!) but then, that is pretty much par for the superhero course. plus, she's got a totally rad girlfriend. moondragon! i don't have any attachment to her character from when she was an avenger or whatever, but i do like the bald psychic chick thing-- i guess you can blame star trek? & she knows kung-fu? maybe you should just blame shaolin monks. & they, hey! actually have a relationship! where they like, kiss & say i love you! they're dating! actual space! so there is the good news. the bad news is that they aren't actual lesbians for long. about half-way through moondragon turns into a...moondragon? sure, sure, they're all "love with overcome" about it, & i'm not like, pissed, but it is kind of annoying. cerebral lesbianism counts a little less in my book. & the last issue? SHEESH. i mean, just woah, what is this? you know how she beats the bad guy? i am not exagerating: she beats him with IMAGINATION. then when she needs to fight annhilus? the ghost of quasars past tells her to fight him...with LOVE. oh, for crying out loud. but at least adam warlock is back; i've always been weirdly interested in him.
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